Treatment Trend: Energy Healing in the Spa

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As holistic practices become more common in spa and wellness, energy healing is a particular approach that people are increasingly using to improve their overall health. Thanks to a growing understanding of energy work’s benefits, it’s being used to supplement conventional medical treatments, relieve chronic stress and—in general—bring a greater sense of wellness into many people’s daily lives.

Delving beyond the mind-body connection, energy healing is now widely used to help people address their emotional, physical and mental health. Although it’s an ancient practice, it’s reemerging to serve a modern world. And as energy healing becomes more popular, individuals also seek to learn it for themselves to become more proactive in their journey to wellness.

How It Works

So, what exactly is energy healing? In short, energy healing is a practice in which energetic blocks are removed to allow a person to heal holistically, meaning not just physically but emotionally, mentally, psychologically and spiritually.

Because it operates on the premise that a person’s health includes all of these aspects of their well-being, energy healing often resonates with those who believe that their emotional, mental and physical health are all connected. When individuals receive energy healing, they may feel lighter, more at ease and experience less physical pain.

Energy healing also brings the body back into balance, calms the nervous system and supports the body’s innate capacity to heal. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps the body relax and quells the flight-or-fight response that you may recognize in uncomfortable situations. Over time, energy work can rewire the system to help release negative emotional and thought patterns, creating more space for healthier habits.

Again, this holistic practice works beyond the physical body. Every person has a subtle body, which consists of energetic layers that make up their energy field (commonly known as an “aura”). When the energetic body is blocked and stagnant, it can impact a person’s emotional, mental and physical well-being. Energy healing is also used to supplement other practices, including life coaching, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Its versatility makes it a powerful resource for transformational work, helping individuals change their lives from the inside out.

The Right Fit

Although the specific modality may differ, the way energy healing works is the same: A practitioner will check in to see how the client is feeling and get a sense of their emotional and physical state. Depending on the practitioner’s area of expertise, they may also tune into the person’s energy field to locate the blocks before the session begins.

The efficacy of an energy healing session depends on how ready a person is to receive it, as well as the practitioner. A person is ready to receive energy healing when they are curious about the practice and desiring more balance and wellness in their lives. This means their energy field is open to receiving treatment and allows their nervous system to process the energy healing with greater ease.

Keep in mind that some people are more receptive to certain practitioners, meaning that when a client is ready and in the presence of the right practitioner, they are more receptive to the work. Similar to finding the right therapist, finding the right practitioner for deep energetic healing also matters. Be sure you share your values and elaborate on your work via your website and general online presence. It will resonate for those clients who will benefit most from your services.

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Jacqueline Quach (@jqintheflow) is an ALTYR ( energy healing practitioner, spiritual guide, facilitator and teacher based in Los Angeles. She helps individuals thrive and harness their full potential by offering energy healing, working with the connection to the divine feminine and giving guidance along the spiritual path. Quach works one-on-one with individuals in her healing practice, holds women’s circles and teaches energy healing.

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