Hôtel Royal Reveals First Evian Spa in Europe

The Hôtel Royal has unveiled its first Eevian SPA in Europe.
The Hôtel Royal has unveiled its first Eevian SPA in Europe.
Photo courtesy of Evian SPA

The Hôtel Royal has revealed the yearlong transformation of its Evian Spa, inaugurating a new space dedicated to an all-round wellness experience. This exclusive 18,298 sq foot facility, the only one in Europe, captures the essence of refinement and revitalization, inspired by the water cycle found in nature. 

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Following twelve months of meticulous work, the hotel unveiled a new wellness area that offers a blend of strong-rooted, long-standing traditions and the comfort provided by the latest trends. It is the first Evian Spa in Europe and fifth overall.

Four main dimensions form the cornerstone of the customer experience at Evian Spa: Celestial - the birth of water, Mineral - the natural infiltration of water into the mountains, Precious - reserved water that remains underground for 15 years and Vitalizing Spring - the place where the water burst forth. These four dimensions are the backbone of the concept and are found in the sensory environment, the treatments on offer, the architecture and the design.

The spa provides its visitors with a comprehensive immersive experience. With six individual treatment rooms and two further rooms for couples massages, every detail echoes the never-changing cycle of water. The treatment rooms propose nature views, both through the windows and the grandiose photographs of the Alpine landscape. Guests are guaranteed an immersive experience in a soothing, enveloping atmosphere, in harmony with nature.

On their arrival, they are welcomed into an arched sanctuary with a film retracing the never-changing cycle of water. A sensory world in which nature, sounds and the elements are omnipresent, beckoning guests to let go, even before the wellness ritual begins.

The communal wet areas are an integral part of the experience. Water is given pride of place, in all shapes, forms and temperatures. From the outdoor hydro-circuit to the snow room, from the cold pool to the traditional sauna and steam room, and from the indoor pool to the aqua bar, water is everywhere. Even beyond the walls of the spa with the view of Lake Geneva. The 47-acre grounds add to the renewed feeling of well-being.

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