THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands Implements Crystals into the Building's Foundation

Woman's hands holding crystals
THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands is adding crystals to its building's foundation.
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THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands is adding crystals to its building's foundation, something that reportedly has never been done before in a large-scale residential building. The crystals will be infused with intention by the Vibrational Energy Director of THE WELL before being added to the foundation of the building.

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Retail and Reception

A collection of crystals will be implemented in the retail section. Amethyst boasts the ability to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness, and shares its space with Sodalite, promoting calmness and truth. Rutilated Quartz adds a touch of clarity, while Citrine infuses the area with prosperity. Blue Apatite and Pink Tourmaline complete the ensemble, offering clarity and compassion to all who enter.

The Mindful Movement Studio

Here, Black Tourmaline provides stability, while Shungite detoxifies and purifies. Kyanite promotes tranquility, and Green Fluorite harmonizes and renews. Angelite brings a sense of peace and transcendence, creating an environment where minds and bodies find balance.

Gym and fitness floor

The gym and fitness floor will be infused with the intention of kindness, open-heartedness, and resilience, the area boasts Tigers Eye for confidence, Rose Quartz for love and connection, Chrysoprase for positive thinking and Moss Agate to cleanse and boost the immune system.

The Treatment Rooms and Bath House

The treatment space is dedicated to healing and renewal. Here, Rutilated Quartz offers clarity, Pink Tourmaline fosters compassion, Ocean Jasper promotes emotional balance, and Lepidolite harmonizes body, mind, and soul, creating an atmosphere of stillness, peace, and enlightenment.

Medical Rooms and Vitality Room

Blue Apatite clears confusion and promotes truth, while Smoky Quartz disperses fear and lifts negativity. Light Green Aventurine offers comfort and emotional healing, and Green Opal promotes rejuvenation and vitality.

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