LivNordic & Sauna From Finland Collaborate to Create a Sauna Experience

LivNordic-Sauna[Image: Courtesy of LivNordic]LivNordic, the spa brand founded by Raison d’Etre to encourage the Nordic art of wellness, announces that it is launching a brand new collaboration with Sauna From Finland in September 2018, to help spas and consumers discover the importance of authentic sauna practice. The sauna is the backbone of the spa experience, but a lack of understanding for the wellness practice means that spa-goers outside of Finland are rarely receiving the enjoyable experience that the sauna was designed for.

Together Sauna from Finland and LivNordic will share their knowledge about the many benefits of the Finnish sauna and offer the spa customers all over the world an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience. Bringing together LivNordic’s wealth of global spa industry knowledge with Sauna From Finland’s expertise on the truly Finnish sauna experience, this collaboration aims to encourage a higher standard of sauna in the global industry and raise awareness of the benefits of the practice. A traditional Finnish sauna is a perfect place to rest, relax and focus on health and well-being. Taking a sauna reduces stress and improves quality of sleep. In the sauna, the mind and body are cleansed and find harmony.

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Raison d’Etre has been shaping the world’s finest spas for over 20 years, leading wellness businesses into world-class status and developing Scandinavian-inspired spas with LivNordic. By collaborating with Sauna From Finland, the global spa consultancy hopes to encourage a more traditional Finnish experience that will be taken on board by new and well-established spas.

In many countries, a lack of understanding and information has lead to the sauna being poorly adopted. Sauna From Finland believes that many spas outside of Finland do not offer the enjoyability, health benefits, and reliability that the Finnish sauna experience does, with hundreds of spas across the world offering guests an inauthentic spa experience. Typically, sauna users are not familiar with the truly Finnish way of using a sauna, meaning they do not make the most of the sauna’s health benefits.

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Sauna From Finland’s website shares the rating of saunas and services, with the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate marking the very highest standard of sauna. The company also assists spas and businesses to design implement the most high-quality sauna experience.

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