Pevonia’s Latest Innovation: EyeRenew Conceal & De-Age Treatment

pevonia-eyerenew-treatment[Image: Courtesy of Pevonia]In today’s tech-savvy culture, prolonged visual exposure causes digital eye strain that takes a toll on our youthfulness. When combined with other factors such as aging, harsh beauty products, the environment, and stress, the result is a weary, dry and age-revealing eye contour. Pevonia has the solution with a new multi-benefit product aimed at repairing the skin around the eye while also refreshing, reviving and renewing. Offer your clients Pevonia’s NEW EyeRenew Conceal & De-Age Treatment that flawlessly reawakens and refreshes their eyes for the ultimate eye envy.

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Pevonia’s Proprietary EyeAwaken Complex unites a botanical blend of youth-reviving ingredients such as Plankton, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen and more to repair and flawlessly conceal. Featuring advanced manufacturing, this powerhouse Conceal & De-Age Treatment addresses the unique concerns of the fragile eye zone by smoothing crepiness, crow’s feet, and wrinkles while alleviating dark circles and puffiness. With a small drop of this creamy, velvety formula your guests will experience a subtle, natural tint that quickly blends with most skin tones to immediately conceal all of those pesky imperfections.  As if that’s not enough, it works daily to visibly renew and smooth the eye zone. Dab it around your client’s entire eye contour, blend it to perfection with your fingertips, and then use gentle tapping movements to release its powerhouse benefits.

Empower your clients to love what they see with Pevonia’s EyeRenew Conceal & De-Age Treatment!

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Main Ingredients:

  • Plankton Extract
    • Extracted from the Spanish volcanic island of Tenerife in the Canary archipelago with an eco-system rich with diversity of marine micro-organisms
    • This marine ingredient works to repair the 3 main eye contour concerns – dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles
  • Marine Collagen
    • Marine-derived essential structural skin protein [collagen] used in anti-aging preparations.
    • This ingredient preserves moisture, hydrates and smooths fine lines.
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    • Extracted from sugar beets.
    • This ingredient preserves moisture and increases tissue hydration for proper cellular functions.


  • Self-Adjusting Mineral Tint
  • Smooths Lines + Wrinkles
  • Reduces Puffiness
  • Conceals Dark Circles
  • Diminishes Redness
  • Oil-Free Formula
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