How to Implement Biophilia Exercise into Spa Spaces

black woman performing yoga in nature
Biophilia exercise is all about connecting guests with nature through wellness activities.

Biophilia is a concept that explores the human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings. Using biophilia to influence and tweak exercise routines is a growing trend in wellness, with clients leaning towards natural experiences that are connected to the outdoors. Biophilia exercises are performed outdoors and focus on the importance of nature on well-being.

According to Stylist, the biophilia exercise trend will be expanding in 2023, with more traditional indoor activities being transitioned into natural settings. Incorporating this trend into your spa and wellness space can showcase your property's surroundings and outdoor wellness programs, which will attract savvy spa-goers looking for something different. 

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Science backs up the perceived positive connection between exercise, nature and human connection. In a 2016 study, researchers found that people who cycled in nature reported more social interaction and less distraction and that being in nature was perceived as more calming and provided stress-reductive effects.

Workouts that actually put guests in nature, like swimming, running or climbing, are the best ways to connect with the outdoors. Encourage clients to soak in everything around them, from clouds and weather to plant life and animals, to find balance and come to a better understanding of their place in a harmonious world. 

When guests visit spa and wellness spaces, they want to experience the entire destination, and properties are responding by elevating wellness programs with a multitude of outdoor options. Wellness offerings that get guests outside, like beach yoga, meditation and guided hikes, can showcase a spa and wellness destination while providing a much-needed connection with nature. Some destinations are even introducing geocaching experiences that allow guests to get out and explore on and off the property.

Clients can make small tweaks to their workout plan and move exercises outdoors to add biophilic training to their sessions. Pad boxing, calisthenics, dancing and are all popular exercises that can be performed outdoors individually or incorporated into an outdoor wellness program.

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