15 Wellness Practices that will Attract Spa-Goers in 2023

woman meditating at home
Meditating in short intervals throughout the day can provide a wellness boost without taking up too much time.

The spa and wellness industry is trend-driven, and consumers are constantly looking for new and better ways to improve their well-being. These consumer trends from Glamour Magazine are being actively sought out by spa-goers in 2023. 

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1. Friluftsliv ("free-air-living")

Friluftsliv is a Norwegian word that literally translates to "free-air-living." The Nordic lifestyle concept prioritizes spending time outdoors, even during the winter. Friluftsliv is popular across Scandinavia, where there are a lot of open lands and outdoor activities are more common.


2. Circadian Eating

Consumers are being more conscious of their eating habits and switching from heavy evening meals to lighter eating in the afternoon. The circadian rhythm diet encourages eating in rhythmic sync with the body's natural internal clock by completing the day's worth of eating in a set period of time, ideally between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Following this routine can improve metabolism and promote better sleep.

3. The Hunza Diet

The Hunza is an eating plan expected to grow in popularity in 2023. It originates from Hunza Valley, an area of the Himalayas with a population that boasts an average life expectancy of 100 years, significantly above the world life expectancy average of 72 years. The diet is high in complex carbohydrates and prebiotic food and incorporates zero use of sugar, refined carbohydrates or processed foods. The diet is low in protein, which mainly comes from plants.

4. Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, accelerating the body detox process and speeding up blood circulation and boosting the immune system. 

Read more about Lymphatic Drainage and find step-by-step Detoxifying Treatment protocols in our January Digital Magazine...

5. Mini Meditations and Mantras 

Maurice Duffy, mindset coach and mindset strength guru, told Glamour that mini meditations can provide a wellness boost without taking up too much time. Two popular methods to share with clients are the 60-second mirror mantra and 12-in-12 meditation. 

60-second mirror mantra: Start every morning with a 60-second mirror mantra. Talk to yourself as the best version of who you are, who you want to evolve into and who you can truly be. Start shifting your mindset to always seeing the positive in things and extract lessons and growth when you feel you are in uncomfortable territory.

12-in-12 meditation: Duffy encourages clients to weave meditation into their day regularly - you can take 60 seconds an hour to stop, focus on your breathing and re-center yourself. Over the course of 12 hours or the working day commit to giving your mind 60 seconds of stillness an hour. The time adds up.

6. Grounding 

Grounding relates to connecting the physical body electrically with the earth. The practice encourages interaction with different elements of nature, specifically through touch, to improve the internal microbiome.

7. Better Hydration 

Consumers have started mixing their own electrolyte drinks at home to maximize hydration and nourish the body. By adding new flavors and varieties to their drinks, consumers can enhance their experience while maintaining healthy levels of hydration.

8. Nootropics 

Brain health is an important part of maintaining cognitive, sensory, social-emotional, behavioral and motor abilities. Some consumers are turning to brain boosters like nootropics to enhance cognitive performance. Nootropics refer to any natural or synthetic substance that may have a positive impact on mental skills, but in general, nootropics fall into three categories: dietary supplements, synthetic compounds and prescription drugs. There is still a lack of clinical research to confirm the effectiveness of nootropics

9. Ancient Chinese Medicine with Modern Technology 

Ancient Chinese healing modalities like acupuncture, gua sha and cupping are still used in modern spas, and ever-evolving skin science presents opportunities for innovation that can elevate the ancient holistic medicine for modern skin, according to Ada Ooi, Chinese Medicine & Red Carpet Skin Expert. She suggests a variety of Eastern mushrooms and roots will be leading ingredient trends in ancient holistic medicine in 2023. 

10. New Wave Wellness

According to data from Expedia Group, consumers are bored with traditional wellness retreats and want to experience something more exciting. Most consumers want to explore new offerings in the U.S., but Gen Z is looking for wellness adventures in places like Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, Iceland and Sri Lanka. 

11. Perfect Posture

Posture is important for spine health as well as body function. Exercising on a misaligned body can result in joint pains and tense muscles, and posture experts in 2023 are warning of the effects of starting an exercise regime on a misaligned body.

12. Sustainable Food

Sustainability will always be a trend in spa and wellness, as well as the beauty industry as a whole. Consumers want to contribute positively to the plant when making purchases, and the eco-conscious mindset is also spreading to their eating habits. A survey conducted in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by The Food Standards Agency with Ipsos MORI found that 73% of consumers think it is important to buy food that has a low environmental impact. Meal planning and eating locally and seasonally are growing in popularity as consumers look for ways to do their part.

13. High-Fiber Wellness

Consumers are gaining a stronger understanding of the importance of a healthy microbiome and its direct effects on gut health and the immune system. High dietary fiber is associated with gut microbial diversity and lower long-term weight gain, according to a 2021 study published in Nutrients.

14. Digestive Breath Testing

At-home breath testers allow people to personalize their diets to tackle common, but hard-to-treat, digestive conditions like IBS and bloating. FoodMarble is a personal digestive breath tester and app that helps people monitor their meals, stress, sleep, and symptoms and test fermentation levels with personalized, real-time results.

15. Longer-Term Problem Solving

Glamour predicts that consumers will start to turn to longer-term approaches to problem-solving over quick fixes, focusing on positive lifestyle habits that build results over time. Conscious Deceleration is one trending method to build resilience by giving yourself physical and mental space to breathe and come to a resolution at a personal pace. 

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