Amplifying Your Spa Menu with Seasonal Aromatherapy

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Aromatherapy is a powerful healing modality that uses aromatic plants and essential oils from those plants to achieve a host of therapeutic benefits. It stimulates our limbic system, the part of the brain associated with memory and emotions. The limbic system can also trigger the release of hormones, including dopamine and serotonin, which help regulate mood. So, aromatherapy can encourage altered states and improved emotions.

When I joined Naturopathica just a few years ago, I knew very little about aromatherapy, and I was terrified—so much to learn, so much history, so much nuance! I started at the beginning to understand how we can optimally use aromatherapy in the wellness industry, and I’m happy to share what I learned. This piece, therefore, is a beginner’s guide to the business side of seasonal aromatherapy.

Thinking Seasonally

As seasons change, we face different challenges in both our mental and physical health. As such, we need to adapt the tools, methods and modalities to fit the needs specific to the season. Of course, the pandemic continues to add an extra layer of stress and anxiety to everything, so we must factor that in as well. If you don’t have a certified aromatherapist on staff, I recommend education before attempting curative aromatherapy treatments for your clients.

Introducing a rotating menu of seasonally based aromatherapy enhancements is a great way to elevate your clients’ experience with newness while increasing revenue. 

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