Weighted Hula Hoops and 19 Other Fitness Trends of 2022

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"New Year, New Me," is a phrase we are all too familiar with, and it always is accompanied by a flood of consumers hitting the gym like never before. From weighted hula hoops to animal-inspired high intensity interval training (HIIT), PureGym revealed the fintess trends that are anticipated to dominate the fitness industry in 2022. PureGym gathered their results by analyzing the current number of monthly Google searches for over 100 different fitness trends and comparing it to the same period one year ago (Oct. 2020 vs. Oct. 2021).

Two top finds that they discovered was that weighted hula hoops had a 234% spike in interest over the year, while at-home or online workouts actually saw a 64% decrease over the course of the year. Zuu, a HIIT style of workout that incorporates movements inspired by the animal kingdom, also saw a 124% increase in interest, ranking it the second fitness trend gaining popularity fast. 

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Top 20 Fitness Trends of 2022

On top of weighted hula hoops and zuu, 2022 will feature a variety of fitness trends that have consumers looking to mix up their typical exercise routines with concepts like plogging, a practice of picking up litter while you run, and beer yoga. The top trends of 2022 include: 

  1. Weighted Hula Hoops (234.25%)
  2. Zuu (123.96%)
  3. Stroller Fitness (90.90%)
  4. Reverse Running (50%)
  5. Trapeze Classes (38.88%)
  6. Aqua Spin (24.13%)
  7. Beer Yoga (22.72%)
  8. CrossFit (22.4%)
  9. F45 (22.38%)
  10. CaniCross (22.35%)
  11. Glute Workouts (22.31%)
  12. Short Workouts (22.29%)
  13. Jiu Jitsu (22.28%)
  14. Muay Thai (22.28%)
  15. Back Workouts (22.25%)
  16. Boxercise (22.22%)
  17. Chair Dancing (22.22%)
  18. Indoor Surfing (22.22%)
  19. Jazzercise (22.22%)
  20. Plogging (22.07%)

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Top 10 Fitness Trends Vanishing in 2022

While a lot of trends are on the rise, there have been a couple of trends that grew very popular in 2020 that are now being phased out. These trends include: 

  1. Online Workouts (-64.19%)
  2. Virtual Fitness Classes (-62.10%)
  3. Virtual Fitness Challenges (-55.68%)
  4. Everesting (-55.37%)
  5. Bollywood Workouts (-45.45%)
  6. Home Workouts (-45.27%)
  7. Mouth Workouts (-34.37%)
  8. Prancercise (-33.33%)
  9. Jaw Workouts (-33.33%)
  10. Treadmill Running (-33.14%)

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“The world of fitness has gone through a lot of change in the last two years, and it’s been really interesting to see what trends have come out of this period, as well as which trends are on their way out. While we’ve loved welcoming people back to the gym, we know the key to a healthy life is finding an activity you enjoy – and fitness trends play a huge part in this. Beer yoga is a new one on us, but if it helps more people to get the benefit of movement, we’re all in," said Stephen Rowe, chief marketing officer at PureGym. 

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