Now Trending: Drinks Infused with Healthy Nutrients

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According to data compiled by Beck Flavors and Brenntag, consumers are now demanding their drinks not only hydrate, but taste good and impart health benefits, as well. 

"Because of a growing focus on functionality and convenience, beverages are now being asked to work harder than they ever have before," said Janie Page, senior director of marketing and new business for Beck Flavors. So, what exactly are consumers looking for? According to Page, "That starts with boosting immunity, and improving bone, brain and heart health." Other popular drinks and infusions include:

  • Collagen-infused sparkling beverages that help promote skin and joint health
  • Natural, wellness-enhancing ingredients like yuzu
  • Plant-based/vegan proteins like  yellow pea, hemp heart and pumpkin protein
  • Vitamin and mineral infusions that deliver key nutrients

"In the end, it's about peace of mind for consumers," added Adam Berge, applications technologist at Beck Flavors. "By offering products with health benefits that also taste great, they can more easily get the nutrition they need, and everybody wins."

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