3 Snacking Tips to Fight Summer Heat

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Cherries, strawberries or raspberries daily can keep guests limber all summer long.
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To help guests stay healthy without impeding on summer fun, Reuben Chen, MD, a sports medicine physician, herbalist, and Chief Medical Advisor at Sunrider International, discusses simple fixes for warm-weather bothers that'll go a long way toward boosting health.

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1. Soothe Joint Pain with Sweet Snacks

The warmer it gets the more active we become and as muscles heal and strengthen after a day of outdoor activities, their inflammatory waste products can make guests feel stiff and sore. But Dr. Chen recommends savoring sweet and colorful fruits like a heaping cup of cherries, strawberries, or raspberries daily to stay limber all summer long. These treats contain flavonoids that can activate antioxidant pathways, speed tissue repair and calm inflammation to alleviate stiffness and pain.

2. Halt Heat-Induced Headaches with a Nutrient Boost

Those prone to headaches, heat, humidity and pressure fluxes are more likely to disrupt nervous system function triggering head pain. Thankfully, Dr. Chen boasts that supplementing with about 400 mg of magnesium daily can reduce risk of headache. But, for best results, opt for easily absorbed forms like magnesium aspartate or citrate.

3. Prevent Sluggishness with a Refreshing Afternoon Sip

High temps can trigger dehydration and fatigue. Fortunately, guests don't have to drink even more water to prevent this energy drain. Instead, Dr. Chen recommends just moving 12 oz of the fluid they should be drinking in the morning to the afternoon. Research shows that fluid intake drops by mid-afternoon, and a late-day sip could prevent dehydration-induced energy dips.

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