4 Health Trends on the Rise in 2024

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From biophilia to biohacking, you can expect your wellness-seeking guests to ask you about these four trending health topics in the new year.

1. Functional Foods

Whether in the form of adaptogens, nootropics or other supplements, functional foods and beverages will be all the rage.1 But what does this mean for spas and wellness centers? 

First, consider your clientele: What are their beauty and wellness goals? The answer will inform the types of functional offerings you can provide. 

For instance, vitamin D supplements are a great choice for areas that experience harsher winters, where guests may be lacking in sunlight for a large portion of the year. Clients more interested in healthy aging will prefer something containing plenty of antioxidants, while those looking for an overall wellness boost will opt for adaptogenic mushroom coffee or tea. 

2. Dance as Exercise

Dance and free movement can be incredibly cathartic for the body and mind.1 Look no further than the immense success of last year's Global Wellness Day, where the theme was #DanceMagenta and participants from 170 countries celebrated with various dance and movement activities. 

Not only do dance and movement classes make for great exercise, they offer guests an opportunity for fun social connection—which we already know is a growing trend in the spa and wellness space. 

3. Biophilic Wellness

Ever since the pandemic, more and more consumers are realizing that connection to nature is of utmost importance when it comes to physical and mental well-being. Luckily, spas have been on the cutting edge of this trend for years! 

There are plenty of fun ways to bring nature into the spa, like air-cleaning plants,  organic design materials and plant-based products; guests are increasingly interested intreatments that take place within nature, too. Depending on your locale, biophilic offerings could include forest bathing, aquatic yoga, desert meditation, outdoor massages, Watsu therapy—the possibilities are endless!

4. Biohacking

On the tech side, options that effectively "hack" the body into behaving more healthfully are growing in number and becoming increasingly popular. Functional foods can fit under this category, but guests will also be incredibly interested in the various wellness technologies available too, from infrared mats and IV therapy to loungers that offer vibrational sound therapy.  

The good news is that there is such a wide range of biohacking treatments and technology available to spas, so you will definitely be able to find something in your budget that your specific clientele will adore!


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