How to Bring Functional Foods and Beverages to Your Spa

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By Aninka -

We asked, you answered: 94% of our readers are interested in functional food and beverage offerings. Functional food and beverages run the gamut from supplements and nutraceuticals to adaptogenic teas, nootropics, protein powders and more. The best option for you will largely depend on your guests' beauty and wellness goals.

Luckily, we can arm you with plenty of information to get you started. Here's a great guide for bringing functional foods and beverages into your spa!

Beauty Benefits

Whether it's cucumber infusions, pearl powder or lifestyle guidance, this article features the best beauty ingestibles for spas today: Top 5 Ingredients for Glowing Skin from Within.

Collagen in particular is all the rage right now, but it's tough to know what claims to believe. This article does a deep dive into the science behind collagen supplements to reveal how effective they can be: The Buzz Behind Beauty Ingestibles: Do They Really Work?

Product Trends

Six experts in beauty and wellness share their insights about functional foods and beverages as an ongoing trend, including how they are being used for skin health, alternative medicine and more: 6 Growing Spa Trends in Functional Food & Beverages.

WellSpa 360 handpicked these fun ingestibles and beverages so you can offer guests plenty of holistic support during their spa visits and at home: [Editor's Picks] 6 Spa Ingestibles for Holistic Wellness Support.

Marketing Tips

When it comes to beauty and wellness ingestibles, you need to know about recent litigation over claims and get some guidance for promoting these products (from a practicing attorney): What You Need to Know Before Promoting Wellness Ingestibles.

From creating seasonal treats to working with suppliers, this article will teach you all about merchandising your wellness teas and other spa drinks with intention: How to Merchandise Tea and Spa Drinks Intentionally.

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