[Editor's Picks] 6 Spa Ingestibles for Holistic Wellness Support

wellness drink with Spirulina or chlorella. Green food supplement.

Holistic beauty and wellness is trending, but what exactly does “holistic” mean? Many use the term interchangeably with “natural,” but I prefer to define holistic as anything that supports the skin and body inside and out, from beauty supplements to lymphatic massage and everything in between.

I picked these ingestibles and beverages so you can offer guests plenty of holistic support during their spa visits and to take home. 

Energy Bits Copy 2

BeautyBits Spirulina Tablets: These beauty ingestibles nourish from within thanks to protein, chlorophyll, antioxidants and more. 

Lypo Spheric

LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C
This encapsulated vitamin C supplement is easily absorbed for immunity, skin health and metabolism. 


Equilibria Sleep Gummies: The bordeaux cherry-flavored treats feature CBD, CBN and chamomile to help guests sleep easy. 


Jovē Alkaline Water: Perfect for daily wellness regimens, this water has a pH of 9.5+ for deep cellular hydration. 

Osmosis Copy

Osmosis Wellness Regenerate: Beef liver extract delivers vitamins A, C, D, E and K to support liver repair and skin concerns.


Neurohacker Collective Qualia Skin: A synergistic formula of plant-based ingredients that help nourish, hydrate and brighten the skin.

Spa-goers are clamoring for treatments that go beyond topical skin care, and that is what WellSpa 360's May issue is all about! Check out the Digital Magazine here, and cheers to holistic health! 

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