Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage & Dry Brushing in the Treatment Room

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The lymphatic system is a major part of the body’s immune system. This system is a network made up of lymph vessels, nodes and ducts as well as select organs that move lymph from tissues to the blood stream. Lymph is made up of white blood cells (the body’s bacteria fighting cells), protein and fats. Lymph nodes create and store immune cells while also filtering the lymph fluid to remove any bacteria or damaged cells. When the nodes are working hard, they tend to swell and can be felt under the arms, in the groin area, or most commonly, in the neck. Unlike the cardiovascular system, which has the heart that works as a pump to keep blood flowing, the lymphatic system needs to be stimulated to keep the lymph moving throughout the body.

The top three things that activate the lymphatic system are staying hydrated, movement and dry brushing. Dehydration will thicken lymph making it harder to move through the body. Staying active ensures muscle movement, which helps to circulate fluids by pumping the lymph within vessels. Dry brushing stimulates lymph flow and supports a healthy lymphatic system.

Dry Brushing Tips:

  • Start with dry, bare skin
  • Best performed before a shower or bath
  • Use light to medium pressure
  • Always work towards the center of the body (heart)

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