Arnica, Coconut Oil, Geranium and More Therapeutic Ingredients for Wellness Treatments

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We asked if you want to know more about products or ingredients, and the results are in: 

Ingredients: 67% 

Products: 33%

Since more than half of our readers want to know about the best ingredients for their treatments, we're sharing deep dives into arnica, coconut oil and more for your menu inspiration!

Why Arnica Is a Skincare All-Star: The arnica plant is a perennial herb in the sunflower family that has been used for centuries to treat inflammation and pain, and these properties are why it’s making its way into spa treatments and products.

The Benefits of Mud and Clay in the Treatment Room: These two organic ingredients offer plenty of skin care benefits in professional services. Want the dirt on how to feature mud and clay in your spa or wellness center? Keep reading.

The Versatile Benefits of Coconut Oil in Spa Treatments: Coconut oil be added to a myriad of treatments and self-care regimens, both in spa and at home, thanks to its many uses including as a daily moisturizer, massage oil, sunburn soother, scalp treatment and so much more.

The Physical & Spiritual Benefits of Geranium: The rich, full, floral aroma and biochemical action of geranium offers numerous benefits, including skin care, pain relief, circulation support and calming the nervous system.

The Wellness Ingredients You Need to Know for 2024: There is an abundance of new and innovative ingredients taking center stage in the wellness arena for their healing, therapeutic and effective benefits. We’re staying on top of all of the buzzing ingredients trends and bringing those ingredients to you! 

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