Tracie Martyn Spa to Add Filterbaby Skin Care Water Filters

Filterbaby Water Faucet Filter
The Filterbaby skin care water filter for the face reduces chlorine, chloramine and contaminants in tap water.
Photo courtesy of Filterbaby

Filterbaby has partnered with Tracie Martyn Spa in Manhattan to feature Filterbaby technology in its treatments and amenities. The brand is known for the Filterbaby Generation 2.0 skin care water faucet filter for the face that reduces chlorine, chloramine and contaminants in tap water. Filterbaby 2.0 also has an eco-friendly mode built into the filtered setting saving 25% of water without sacrificing water pressure.

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While spas traditionally offer pampering experiences in hygienic settings, the tap water used in treatments often contains chemicals and impurities, including chlorine, which can compromise skin health. Filterbaby addresses this concern by delivering a consistently pure water supply, free from contaminants, ensuring that clients receive the full benefits of their skin care treatments without exposure to harmful elements.

According to the companies, this collaboration between Filterbaby and Tracie Martyn Spa reflects a shared dedication to innovation, wellness and delivering unparalleled experiences to clients seeking the highest standards of skin care.

"We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality services and a holistic approach to beauty, and Filterbaby aligns perfectly with our commitment to restoring health to the skin through an approach combining performance and purity," said Marius Morariu, co-founder and CEO of the Tracie Martyn Beauty Concept. "By incorporating Filterbaby into our spa, we are taking a proactive step towards safeguarding our clients' skin from the potentially harmful effects of long-term exposure to impurities present in tap water utilizing Filterbaby’s powerful water purifying technology."

“We are so excited to be collaborating with such a prominent spa,” said Xin Shui, co-founder of Filterbaby. “We firmly believe that filtered water equals better skin, and that combined with the superb expertise of the Tracie Martyn staff will enable the masses to achieve their skincare goals.”

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