Myndstream Showcases Self-Guided Multisensory Experience at 2023 Global Wellness Summit

Myndstream Self-Guided Multisensory Experience 2023 Global Wellness Summit.
Myndstream showcased its Self-Guided Multisensory Experience at 2023 Global Wellness Summit.
Photo Courtesy of Myndstream

Global spa music provider Myndstream partnered with Sprig by Kohler and Oakworks to showcase a self-guided multisensory experience at this year’s Global Wellness Summit. The experience included Sprig's calming aromatherapy scent Shield and Myndstream's created sonic motif inspired by the origin story and ingredients of the product, demonstrating the transformative impact of layering a myriad of sensory elements.

The track brings together instruments native to Africa and Brazil, complementing the strong aroma of Rosemary and Tea Tree, on the Oakworks SoVi Vibroacoustic therapy bed, where the music powers four transducers embedded in the system to deliver healing vibrations to the whole body.

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This demonstration is a continuation of the successful partnership between Myndstream and Sprig, who have worked with a team of experts to create bodies of music that enhance the impact of Sprig’s products. Sprig’s signature aromatic blends are designed to enhance six specific mood states and Myndstream has created a sonic motif for each scent, inspired by the origin story and quality of Sprig’s ingredients.

Freddie Moross, founder of Myndstream, said, “It is truly fantastic to release the power of Myndstream’s music offering and collaborate with exceptional sensory brands, who all share a common mission. The mission is to elevate the client’s wellness experience, delivering even more physical and mental benefits. Yeilding gains not only to its users but for the business that provides them”.

On the partnership, Stephanie Krickeberg from Sprig said, "When we started Sprig, our goal was to create sensorial, immersive experiences that transform daily routines into wellbeing rituals. By partnering with Myndstream, we've had the opportunity to enhance the experience overall and truly bring it to life by engaging more of the senses. By layering these elements together, we think we've created something truly immersive, special, and stress-relieving."

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