The Himalayan Source Salt Capsule Enhances Respiratory Health Through Halotherapy

Himalayan Source Salt Capsule
The new Himalayan Source Salt Capsule allows guests to relax and breathe in the benefits of halotherapy through the HaloGX Pro halogenerator.
Photo Courtesy of Himalayan Source

Himalayan Source has launched the Himalayan Salt Capsule designed to create a personal Himalayan salt spa sanctuary and enhance any spa, wellness or fitness facility or residence.

Encased in an elegant all-glass housing, the Himalayan Source Salt Capsule creates a tranquil, holistic halotherapy (or dry salt therapy) environment as guests breathe in the controlled, dry salt aerosol environment accentuated by glowing Himalayan salt bricks. 

The Himalayan Source Salt Capsule is designed to accommodate one to two people. It includes the HaloGX Pro halogenerator to disperse micron-sized salt particles for better inhalation and results. The HaloGX Pro uses less salt per session but has the same efficiency as standard halogenerators, according to the company. Pure sodium chloride helps control mucus in the lungs and upper respiratory system, facilitating easier breathing, purifying the respiratory tract, improving lung function and rejuvenating the body's internal processes. The capsule's turbo feature allows customizable salt levels as desired.

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The floor of the capsule features the comforting glow of backlit Himalayan salt bricks, which is customizable with white salt bricks available as an upgrade. Other upgrade options include satin glass for privacy, a backlit salt wall and color options for the base and ceiling. The Himalayan Source Salt Capsule installs within two to three hours and requires two standard 120 VAC outlets. The capsule features low power consumption (50W, 110/230V, 50/60Hz).

“The Himalayan Source Salt Capsule brings an all-encompassing halotherapy escape to the user in a space-saving design optimized for wellness,” said Himalayan Source co-founder Ann Brown. “No major renovations are needed to begin utilizing this impactful salt capsule, allowing spas to quickly upgrade and enhance their space—improving guest wellness and generating ROI quickly.” 

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