Holistic Hyperbarics Begins Investment Round

Holistic Hyperbarics, a Black women-owned clinic, is currently looking for investors.

Holistic Hyperbarics Team
Holistic Hyperbarics Team
Courtesy of Holistic Hyperbarics

Holistic Hyperbarics has started its investment round, opening its preventive and noninvasive health care clinic to public investment. Holistic Hyperbarics is a Black women-owned clinic seeking to expand, vertically integrate and standardize hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

The public investment round will enable the company to expand access to this noninvasive healing treatment. With the public investment, the company will be able to accept health insurance, open new clinics nationwide, vertically integrate by procuring an oxygen supply company and bring a newly designed and patented hyperbaric oxygen chamber line to the market.

By going public, Holistic Hyperbarics can also provide alternative or complementary treatment to patients with prescriptions or surgeries. 

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