5 Mud Treatments for Detox and Grounding

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Mud treatments can help guests ground, detox and celebrate Earth’s natural elements.
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Mud's origins in skin care go back to ancient Rome. The water-based material draws out impurities and rehydrates the skin. Clay also has a history of therapeutic use, offering healing and antibacterial benefits that remove toxins and excess oil from the skin. These five signature mud treatments from luxury resorts can help guests ground, detox and celebrate Earth’s natural elements. 

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1. The Solage Signature Mudslide

Spa Solage, located at Solage, Auberge Resorts Collection in Napa Valley, offers the Solage Signature Mudslide treatment that helps guests unwind with mud and mineral water therapies inspired by the local Calistoga hot springs that have attracted spa-goers to the northern stretch of Napa since the 19th century. The treatment offers a modern twist on the traditional Calistoga mud bath offering a three-part detoxifying treatment including a mineral-rich mud body treatment with customized pure essential oils, a private session in a luxurious soaking tub with geothermal mineral waters and a sensory experience in Solage’s soothing sound chairs to promote deep relaxation. Guests can also enjoy the Spa Bathhouse at their leisure featuring exclusive geothermal pools with temperatures that range from icy cold to a comforting 98° and a soothing 103°.

2. The Natural Grounding Wrap

One of the most sought-after spas in Northeast, Florida, The Spa at Ponte Vedra Inn & Club offers the Natural Grounding Wrap providing a micro buff and body treatment using the natural elements of Red Arizona Clay. First, a powdered volcanic pumice polishes and gently exfoliates the skin, then guests are wrapped with a Red Arizona Clay mask to soothe and tone while enjoying a grounding scalp massage. The 60-minute treatment is concluded with an application of barley extract and almond oil nectar for total hydration. Guests can then enjoy spa amenities such as the outdoor spa pool featuring a waterfall and four therapy grottos, steam room, dry sauna and whirlpool.

3. Earth's Bounty Mud Wrap

Condado Vanderbilt features the Earth’s Bounty Mud Wrap treatment offering guests to experience the healing power of nature with a mineral-rich mud wrap. The transformative 75-minute treatment begins with an aromatic exfoliation to prepare the skin, followed by a mineral-rich mud mask generously applied to draw out toxins and impurities while deeply hydrating the skin. The treatment then includes a moisturizing massage leaving the skin rejuvenated. The spa at Condado Vanderbilt also features the only Hamman in Puerto Rico alongside additional non-traditional out-of-body experiences such as craniosacral therapy and reiki.

4. Hydroenergetic Detox Cure Mud Wrap

The hydroenergetic detox cure mud wrap treatment at SHA Wellness Clinic allows guests to reach optimal physical, mental and spiritual wellness this Spring. Personalized health programs all feature the hydroenergetic detox cure, using hydrotherapy to eliminate stress, maintain balance and promote toning within the body. Recommended for weight loss, toxin elimination, fat dissolution, cellulite reduction, improved circulation, skin enhancement and stress/anxiety reduction, this 50-minute treatment is divided into three parts: hydroaromatherapy, fitomudtherapy and hidrojet. Hydroaromatherapy involves submersion in essential oils for relaxation and purification. Fitomudtherapy includes a seaweed mud wrap for body drainage and revitalization. Finally, hidrojet utilizes a high-pressure jet to wash off any remaining mud or oils, both toning and restoring vital energy to the body. 

5. Seed to Skin Body Ritual

Pacific Waters Spa offers the soothing Seed to Skin Body Ritual formulated with a thermal mud to destress, balance and recharge. The treatment starts with a gentle body brushing to invigorate the senses, boost circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Next, thermal mud is applied on the back to relieve tension and recharge the body with marine minerals. Finally, a warm candle massage concludes the treatment, rich in nourishing oils and natural extracts of vanilla, rose and oud wood. Both energizing and calming, the ritual leaves the mind, body and spirit with profound balance.  

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