Performance Health Partners with NFL Quarterback Drew Brees

massage-relief[Image: Getty Images]Chronic, everyday pain is a reality for millions of Americans, many of whom rely on opioids to provide them with relief. This, as we all know, has led to a “national epidemic” of dependency on these powerful and highly addictive drugs. Efforts are being made on local and national levels to educate people on the dangers of long-term opioid use, as well as shine a light on other pain relief options that are available to sufferers.

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In a bid to join this movement toward non-addictive pain relief, Performance Health has partnered with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, along with healthcare professionals who helped Brees recover from a major injury, to work on the national “Safer Pain Relief” campaign. In his role as spokesperson, Brees will share his experiences recovering from the painful injuries he has had as an NFL player, and how non-opioid treatments have proven effective in many cases. He will also appear in national ads for Performance Brands’ topical pain relief product, Biofreeze.

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“We were excited to realize that we share core values and a common purpose with Drew, and we view him as the embodiment of our recipe for success,” says Mike Orschein, CEO of Performance Health. Spas and wellness centers can play a major role in the anti-opioid abuse effort by emphasizing the potential of non-drug, noninvasive methods such as massage therapy, energy work, yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic care and more to address chronic pain (with a physician’s approval, of course!).

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