Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy Reclaim the Helm of Pevonia

Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy Reclaim the Helm of PevoniaPhilippe and Sylvie Hennessy

Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy

Pevonia has announced that Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy have regained complete executive ownership of Pevonia International LLC.

The Hennessys are the original founders of the natural botanical skincare brand, and were the previous sole owners of the company from its inception in 1991 until its sale to an equity partner in 2008. Now they are back in control and have ambitious plans to drive new global expansion of the brand and continued growth in existing markets.

“Sylvie and I could not be more proud of the Pevonia brand and company we created 25 years ago this October,” said Philippe Hennessy. “None of this would have ever been possible without the loyal support of thousands of skincare professionals around the world…they are the true heroes in Pevonia’s success story. Going forward, Pevonia will be fully dedicated to enhancing the success of our valued spa partners in the professional sector, just as Sylvie and I had envisioned when Pevonia was born. With advanced skincare innovation that lives up to the quality ingredients and extraordinary results our customers have always loved, believed in, and expected from Pevonia, we are excited about the future.”

[Image courtesy of Pevonia]

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