5 New Wellness Retreats from Around the World

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Find some programming inspiration from these wellness retreats from around the world.
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Wellness retreats are a defining part of summer activities to improve wellbeing. Find some programming inspiration from these five wellness retreats from around the world.

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1. Euphoria Retreat

Rethink traditional male-oriented leadership patterns during a four-day Holistic Leadership program at Greece’s Euphoria Retreat. As part of the program, participants will explore the power of yin (feminine) energy and learn about the role of intuition, cooperation and compassion in decision-making. The deeply personalized program is open to guests of all genders and has been designed by Euphoria founder Marina Efraimoglou, whose personal story of transformation informs the property’s globe-spanning healing philosophy.

2. Women's Better-Aging Journey

In the South of France, La Réserve Ramatuelle has unveiled a new program designed to support women at various stages in their lives. Participants of the three- or six-day Women’s Better-Aging Journey will learn how to breathe and move better, how to alleviate stress and build resiliency through good eating habits and how to relieve injuries and discomforts. Daily activities include invigorating walks along the coast and the pine-forested hills, yoga and Pilates, Nescens facial and body care rituals, and bespoke plant-forward meals at the two-starred Michelin restaurant La Voile.

3. Art Therapy Workshops

Almanac Palais Vienna has launched new monthly Art Therapy Workshops in partnership with certified holistic art therapist and Create Art Therapy founder Petra Krassnitzer. The four-hour sessions promote the flow of energy in the body and stimulate sensory perceptions through a mixture of meditation and various creative exercises, such as kneading clay, painting on a canvas, or writing. These acts of self-expression aim to silence the inner voice and allow access to their emotional self – relieving stress and pent-up frustration and healing repressed past experiences.

4. Women of Wonder Island 

Nanuku Resort, a five-star luxury resort in Fiji, situated on a 500-acre private estate, is welcoming the Spur Happenings team and their first annual Women of Wonder Island retreat, which will empower women in their midlife through workshops and demonstrations on how to reimagine midlife, renegotiate purpose and reawaken superpowers from world-renowned thought leaders and global gurus.

Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, OBGYN and expert in women’s health and integrative medicine, Chief Medical Correspondent for the Drew Barrymore Show and author of ‘Menopause Bootcamp’; and Parvati Shallow from Survivor will serve as the global gurus throughout the week.

Over 5 days, guests will have the opportunity to participate in yoga, meditation, Fijian cultural activities, visits to local villages, ocean conservation activities and genuine, inspiring conversations with the special guest gurus. Activities will be held each day from the morning through the afternoon, leaving guests with plenty of time to enjoy Fiji’s stunning beaches, mountains, waterfalls and Nanuku’s fabulous Spa.

5. Couples Mind Detox Retreat

Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos is introducing a four-night holistic wellness retreat specifically designed for couples seeking to get back on track with a full reset of the mind and body. Ideal for those wanting to reconnect with themselves and each other, the Couples Mind Detox Retreat includes a “Connection Concierge” service, daily chakra/mantra meditation sessions, morning yoga classes, a personalized health consultation and spa treatments at the hotel’s new SE Spa.

Couples embark on a transformative journey, starting each day with chakra/mantra meditation and morning yoga sessions aimed at harmonizing mind, body, and spirit. Four nights in a Grand Class King Suite are included, allowing couples to relax in total privacy in the expansive 2,000 sq. ft. oceanview suite with private firepit and plunge pool on the terrace.

To address sleep quality, the retreat incorporates in-suite aromatherapy specifically designed for sleep enhancement. To help ensure the physical benefits of this restorative vacation extend beyond the resort, the stay also includes a comprehensive health consultation accompanied by a personalized series of wellness recommendations to work on at home.

At the heart of this exclusive experience is the “Connection Concierge,” the hotel’s elevated personal concierge designed to guide couples through the activities and experiences included in the retreat. By offering a range of personalized activities, this novel service is dedicated to creating a bespoke itinerary that aligns with the couple’s journey towards rejuvenation and the rediscovery of their bond. This personalized approach ensures that every moment of the couple’s stay is crafted to deepen their connection and create lasting memories together.

Another highlight is a guided stargazing session with a NASA-certified astronomer. In addition to scoping the Milky Way, Zodiac Signs, and many nebulae (star clusters), couples will play games together and learn about the Mayan Calendar and Native American moons.

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