6 Things Spas Should Know About the Future of Wellness

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The 15th Annual Global Wellness Summit, which took place Dec. 1-3, 2021, covered a vast range of topics related to the new era of health and wellness. Here are six takeaways about the future that spas need to know.

  1. The wellness economy is forecast to grow to $7 trillion by 2025an incredible 60%. All wellness markets are predicted to experience strong growth, especially those hit hardest by the pandemic: wellness tourism, thermal/mineral springs and spas.
  2. Thanks to longevity science, “90 is likely to be the new 40” within the next decade. You are the coder of your own genes and the right wellness habits mean a future of long, healthy lives.
  3. Psychedelics and psilocybin are on the rise, with more medical research happening and a decriminalization/legalization wave in the West. Psilocybin may become a key medicine for mental health.
  4. A new era of women's wellness is ahead, with more investment and innovation in women’s health solutions (a chronically underserved sector). For example, stigma is being lifted around topics like menopause and reproductive health. 
  5. Breathwork is a true pillar of wellness. A Stanford University study found that breathwork protocols (for just five minutes a day) were more effective than meditation at reducing anxiety. 
  6. Travel is coming back very strong, and wellness travel will experience a lot of growth. 
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