Pevonia Academy Offers Educational Opportunities

pevonia-academy[Image: Courtesy of Pevonia]For nearly 30 years, Pevonia has supported countless industry professionals around the world in more than 130 countries. Our foundational and unending educational ethos is to constantly ignite a burning passion within each industry professional for their career of choice. To serve as a mentoring guide in the discovery of the power of natural skin care through a profound grasp of our industry, leading technologies, breakthroughs, ingredients, and Pevonia product and treatment options for enhanced success.

Transcending far beyond the standard licensed esthetician or industry professional knowledge base, the Academy’s post-graduate advanced learning curriculum empowers you to become a topnotch, in-demand professional with a superior retail and service skillset. The Academy experience is available at a city near you or at the Pevonia Corporate Headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida. Attendees are immersed into our evolving world of wellness with an insightful focus on all things skin.

In a world where profitability is placed above professionalism, Pevonia stands fully committed to every industry professional to powerfully unite profitability and expertise. Discover the opportunities that await you and join Pevonia on a journey to educational prowess. Together, we will ensure you achieve your highest level of professional and personal excellence.

Peel & Reveal – Peel Like a Pro

Learn how to choose the appropriate peel for your client’s needs and how pre- and post-peel skin care can maximize results. You will obtain impactful know-how on effective peeling processes and the benefits of different exfoliation ingredients. Increase revenue by learning how to host a successful Peel-Palooza event.

Addressing Adult & Teen Acne

Pevonia’s deep pore corrective treatment addresses the underlying causes of acne. Proven ingredients and technologies combined with a deep cleansing treatment will empower you and your clients to see a clearer complexion.

Reading Between the Lines – What Your Skin is “Dying” to Tell You

Learn how to expertly identify skin imbalances, ease symptoms and prescribe skin treatments that correct, protect and maintain optimum skin health. Explore face zoning and how internal health reflects externally. You will understand the cause and effect of sensitive skin and will learn about rosacea, a common skin disorder.

Age Defense – Trending Anti-aging Ingredients & Effective Preventive Treatments

Advanced approach to skin care starts with an understanding of the aging process and effective ways to combat cellular damage. Discover innovative technologies in delivering specific formulas with clinical results. Includes mastering the Pevonia Exclusive De-Aging Massage.

Savvy Sales – Retailing for Success

Learn how to comfortably and confidently recommend a homecare regimen. Understand and implement savvy sales speak and learn tips on how to guarantee a purchase, impact your revenue and increase the bottom line.

Services for Success

Learn how to polish your spa menu with tantalizing services, how to upsell your guests for a comprehensive experience, and how to utilize your amenities to their fullest ability. Be the best spa you can be by maximizing your potential and rising above your competition. Note: Attendees must bring in a copy of their spa menu to this class.

Pore Perfection for Increased Revenue

Introducing Pevonia’s latest innovation, the Power Repair Micro-Pores Bio-Active Collection. Enlarged pores are the No.1 concern among women ages 20-35, and approximately 70 percent of clients experience enlarged pores in the T-zone. Tap into this trending market by learning the causes of oily skin and enlarged pores, and how to effectively counteract the symptoms and effects.

Cosmetic Chemistry Made Easy for the Savvy Skin Therapist

As a professional in the skincare and beauty industry, every therapist needs to know how to accurately read and identify ingredients on product labels. This is a must if you work with high-quality natural products, especially when analyzing what the competition offers, or you will face objections by your clients preferring their over-the-counter formulas. Don’t miss the opportunity to feel like you have an insider’s pass to the laboratory.


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