3 Healing Retreats From Spa Days at Beaverbrook Estate

3 Healing Retreats From Spa Days at Beaverbrook.
Photo courtesy of The Coach House Health Club & Spa at Beaverbrook Estate

The Coach House Health Club & Spa at Beaverbrook Estate kicked off the fall season with a new lineup of transformative retreats with visiting wellness practitioners. The retreats taught guests how to deepen their relationship with nature, engage in the five elements of the Taoist tradition, the origin of Tai Chi Qigong, and how biodynamic bodywork can reduce stress and manage pain.  

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1. Celtic Druids: Deep Healing in Nature with Jo Dunbar and Adrian Rooke 

Rooke, a modern-day Druid, took guests on a journey through the Celtic Druid Wheel of the Year. The experience focused heavily on the beginning of the Celtic Autumn and the ancient ceremony of Lammas Lughnasadh.

Dunbar, a medical herbalist for 23 years, shared her knowledge of the healing power of herbs and helped guests create their own remedies. The retreat also offered a peaceful walk through the gardens of Beaverbrook, while guests learned about the Celtic meanings of the trees and the therapeutic properties of medicinal plants. 

2. Biodynamic Body Work with Alessandro Mancini

This retreat offered tailored treatments that reduce stress and improve lymphatic circulation. The spa day included a 90-minute biodynamic treatment with Mancini and access to the lavish Coach House facilities. With training in Chiang Mai, Mancini is a holistic massage specialist and healing practitioner, with over 20 years of experience working in hotels around the world. 

3. The Elements of Tai Chi Qigong with Liz Kendall

Kendall led guests on a journey through the five elements of the Taoist tradition and educated them about the origin of Tai Chi Oigon, with flowing movement and stretches, self-massage, pressure points, breathwork and sound meditation. Kendall helped individuals bring the wisdom of the Taoist tradition into their daily life by teaching awareness of the senses related to the five elements of nature, harmonizing emotions and energizing bodies through life. 

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