Four Elements Retreat Connects Guests With Nature

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Courtesy of Fairmont Mayakoba

Fairmont Mayakoba launched a retreat inspired by the four elements of nature as part of its Global Wellness Day celebrations this June 12, 2021. The Four Elements Retreat offers guests the opportunity to reconnect with nature and leave feeling rested, recharged and renewed. Each day of the retreat is based on one of the elements.

Day 1: Earth. Focusing on reconnecting with the earth and one's own center, the day begins with a fitness consultation and breakfast. From there, guests enjoy a reflexology spa treatment on the beach, followed by a catamaran sail on the Caribbean Sea.

Day 2: Air. The day begins with breathwork and sunrise yoga on the beach. Next, participants receive a spa treatment and a relaxing massage, and the day ends with a workout featuring a mix of strength training and aerobics.

Day 3: Fire. The day starts with a sunrise yoga session, followed by free time at the beach to fill the mind, body and soul with new energy. That evening, guests enjoy a chef-guided, healthy cooking class.

Day 4: Water. The final day of activities begins along the water with a beachfront yoga session. Guests can join the property's efforts to restore the Mesoamerican Reef through the Coral Reef Restoration Program. 

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