[In-Room Wellness] 2 Health Programs at Regent Taipei

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Courtesy of Regent Taipei

The Regent Taipei has elevated its room packages with the aim of prioritizing wellness via mental and physical health.

1. Magic Mirror Fitness Journey

As part of its "Staying Fit on Vacation" initiative, the property has introduced the "Magic Mirror Fitness Journey" where guests staying in the penthouse can enjoy unlimited access to Johnson Mirror technology. The Mirror allows users to customize their fitness experience with more than 500 programs for up to 24 hours, transforming the room into a training environment. At the end of those 24 hours, guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast at the Brasserie.

2. A Meridian Tour - When Yoga Meets Chinese Remedies

Regent Taipei has invited a yoga instructor and a Chinese medicine doctor to launch "A Meridian Tour - When Yoga Meets Chinese Remedies," a room package that includes:

  • Meridian Yoga Course, taught by two instructors
  • Two-night stay at Regent Taipei
  • Tai Pan Lounge privileges
  • 30% discount on treatments in Wellspring SPA

Guests will learn Meridian Yoga, which combines Chinese medicine with yoga postures to help the movement of qi and blood flow and achieve a state of balance between the mind and body. To deepen this experience, Tai Pan Lounge introduced healthy options for food and beverages like the healthy green smoothie to detox the body and mind.

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