The Benjamin Hotel Launches In-Room, On Demand Meditation


[Image: Courtesy of The Benjamin Hotel]

 Meditation helps travelers stay balanced and at their best while on the road.

The Benjamin Hotel launches new in-room, On Demand Meditation Program. Stress is the number one cause of insomnia and can make a good night sleep on the road just a dream for many travelers – until now. With the press of a button on their guest room phones, guests can now access complimentary guided meditation sessions.  This new On Demand Meditation is part of the Rest & Renew program at The Benjamin, and represents another industry-leading initiative for this Midtown boutique property that has always been at the cutting edge of advances to the guest sleep experience. To create this unique offering, the hotel has partnered with their resident sleep medicine expert, Dr. Rebecca Robbins, and Dina Kaplan, Founder and CEO of The Path to allow guests to experience this exclusive program in the comfort of their own room. For more on the program and its benefits, view the video below.

On Demand Meditation was created in partnership with Dina Kaplan, Founder and CEO of The Path, an exclusive modern meditation start-up based in New York City, and Dr. Rebecca Robbins, author and sleep medicine expert. The Benjamin continues to make wellness a priority and ensures that every aspect of their programming garners results and presents an authentic experience for their guests.

“Meditation has been around for thousands of years and is proven to relieve stress, improve focus, strengthen the brain, promote restful sleep, and even help us process our emotions differently, thus boosting emotional stability”, said Dina Kaplan, Founder and CEO of The Path. “The practice is all about bringing the mind into deep concentration and helping to block out distractions to promote a sense of calm and clarity.”

At the click of a button, guests can select at any time and at no cost, their On Demand Meditation session in the comfort of their room. When guests pick up their guest room phone and select meditation, they first hear an introduction from Dr. Rebecca Robbins who highlights the scientific foundation of the program. Guests are then prompted to select from two meditation options: a mindfulness meditation, which assists in generating deeper focus and awareness or a mantra meditation, which helps balance mood and sense of well-being. Once you select your choice, The Path will guide you through a 10-minute meditation.

Guests can enhance their meditation experience with a meditation kit that includes flameless candles and a meditation cushion curated by the Rest & Renew team.

On Demand Meditation is also part of a new Get Centered in the City package that includes the following:

  • Accommodations in a luxuriously-appointed suite.
  • Refreshing seasonal green juice created by Chef Rezart of The National.
  • Matcha Truffles by Tache Artisan Chocolates, which are made with 100% raw cacao for antioxidants and matcha for natural energy.
  • Option to order a meditation kit complete with flameless candles and a meditation cushion.
  • Handmade mala wrist beads takeaway.

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