9 Wellness Secrets from Energy Healing Expert Jeannette von Johnsbach

Jeannette-von-Johnsbach[Image: Courtesy of Jeannette von Johnsbach]1) Rebounding – I listen to my favorite tunes while dancing on the Bellicon (mini trampoline). It’s fun and low impact, and it gets my body ready for the day in just 10 minutes. Rebounding helps strengthen the immune system, exercises every muscle and massages the internal organs. It’s a great exercise for draining the lymph.

2) Green Smoothies – I make them with Pure Synergy Superfood Powder; they’re the perfect breakfast because they replenish the body with highly bioavailable, essential nutrients.

3) BioMeditation by the Andreas Method – This removes deep energy blockages and stimulates self-healing. This gentle yet powerful bio-energetic process nurtures, detoxifies and balances on all levels and increases vitality, well-being and creativity. All the while, you experience dream-like relaxation as different forms of conscious and unconscious interferences are removed.

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4) A Plant-Based Diet – I try to incorporate plenty of living, biogenic foods, as that’s what our bodies thrive on. Leafy greens are especially important, as are sprouting nuts, seeds and legumes—nutritional powerhouses exceptionally high in vitamin B and easily digestible protein.

5) A Relationship With Nature – The most incredible harmonizer and teacher—and it’s both free and priceless! Just being in nature is like hitting the reset button for me. I love to kick off my shoes and walk barefoot. Sunshine and fresh air are all crucial for optimum health.

6) Family and Friends – Spending time with the people I love is a true blessing. I like to enjoy the small things in life, and share heartfelt moments and laughter.

7) Epsom Salt Foot Soaks – These are a great relaxer and detoxifier. Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil helps me wind down for the night.

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8) Sleep Space – For quality rest it’s important to place your bed in an area with minimal geopathic stress as well as low electromagnetic and radiofrequency fields. So, I turn off WiFi at night and keep technology out of the bedroom.

9) Evening Prayer – The perfect way to end the day. For a restful sleep it’s all about expressing gratitude, letting go and finding peace.

About Jeannette von Johnsbach

With over 25 years of experience as a skilled wellness practitioner, Jeannette von Johnsbach is the founder of The Andreas Method, recognized as delivering uncompromised, integrated strategies to promote well-being. She developed the Andreas Method from her family tradition of hands-on healing and natural spirituality, as well as extensive exploration of naturopathic and Eastern therapies in Europe, the Americas and India. Von Johnsbach is the Energy Healing Expert at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

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