9 Wellness Secrets from Bethany McDaniel of Primally Pure

bethany-mcdaniel-primally-pure[Image: Bethany McDaniel, courtesy of Primally Pure]The owner of Primally Pure is a fan of oils, bathing and good old-fashioned sunshine.

1) Bedtime Bathing — I’m a firm believer in taking a bath every night. Bathing helps me wind down from the day and have a moment to myself. It gets my body ready for sleep and is such a nice transition into bedtime. I use Primally Pure bath products: our Flower Bath contains Epsom salt, which is relaxing and soothes muscles, lavender essential oil to promote restful sleep, plus geranium oil, rose petals coconut milk powder and pink clay.

2) Oil Drill — I’m a huge fan of natural oils: they’re so healthy and beneficial. At nighttime, I love massing oils into my face for a stimulating yet relaxing massage. The oils dissolve dirt and grime, and I take everything off using warm water and a washcloth. I hold the cloth over my skin to steam it a bit, then I wipe it off. I tend to use grapefruit and other citrus oils for their cleansing properties, and I also like geranium for its regenerative properties.

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3) Walking for Sunshine — I try to go on walks every day with my 15-month-old daughter to get us some sunshine. We need a little sunlight for vitamin D every day, so unless we’re outside for a long time I don’t put on sunscreen. It’s so relaxing to unplug for a while, and there’s a lovely lake right by our house that we walk around once or twice each time.

4) Dry Brushing — I’ve been doing this for years. You start at the extremities and move the brush in small circular motions toward the heart. It only takes a minute or two but it boosts the lymphatic system; removes dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of new ones; improves circulation; and reduces the appearance of cellulite. My skin always feel better when I do it.

5) Oil Pulling — You take a teaspoon of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 15 minutes or so. It breaks up plaque, dissolves gunk, freshens breath and even whitens teeth. You brush right afterwards, so your whole mouth feels super clean—it’s like oil cleansing for the mouth! Some say it’s like a detox for the whole body—there’s no science to back that up but people have been practicing it for thousands of years. I always spit it out in the trash can or toilet rather than the sink as it can build up and clog it.

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6) Collagen Peptides — I love them! I buy the Vital Proteins brand, and since I’ve been using them I’ve noticed that my skin is a lot plumper and my wrinkles aren’t as visible. It’s virtually tasteless, so I drink it with my matcha tea in the morning.

7) Amber Lens Glasses — I wear these for a few hours before bedtime. The amber tint helps to block out blue light so our brains know that it’s time to start winding down. I try not to even open my computer when it’s dark outside because whenever I do I have trouble sleeping. Thanks to these glasses I can transition from working in front of a screen and going right to bed.

8) Adrenal Support Supplements – The adrenal glands are so important in regulating hormones, especially cortisol (the stress hormone). Busy moms or people with demanding jobs or their own businesses often have overworked adrenals—they don’t sleep enough and their stress response gets out of whack. Since I began taking herbs for adrenal support, such as ashwagandha and holy basil, before bedtime I’ve noticed that I feel less anxious and stressed and I sleep much better.

9) Morning Matcha — I think it’s important to have a ritual to look forward because it makes such a nice start to the day. I change my drink frequently but right now it’s matcha with coconut milk and honey. Matcha gives me energy, but it’s sustained, not the spike then crash that I get with coffee. It’s also full of antioxidants and good for the skin—you can mix with honey for a homemade face mask.


About Primally Pure

Bethany McDaniel launched Primally Pure after purging her bathroom cabinet of toxic skincare products and formulating her own. The line of skin, body, men’s and baby care contains organic, fair-trade ingredients and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Follow primallypure on Facebook and Instagram.

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