Harnessing the Powers of CBD for Restful Sleep

Harnessing the Powers of CBD for Restful Sleep
Studies show CBD can have incredible effects on improving sleep quality and alleviating disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea.

Got sleep? The answer is likely “no” for you and many of your clients. About 70 million U.S. adults suffer from chronic sleep problems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Finding relief for a lack of sleep may be a main contributor as to why people are coming into your spa or wellness center.

A natural ingredient I have used personally for decades to promote restful sleep, and one that I recommend to clients, is CBD. Studies show CBD can have incredible effects on improving sleep quality and alleviating disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea. Additionally, CBD communicates with the peripheral nervous system, which communicates with the central nervous system to provide a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

CBD and the ECS

CBD communicates with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is the one of the most important systems in the body for maintaining health. The ECS works with the musculoskeletal system, and with your skin and is responsible for promoting and maintaining homeostasis, a.k.a. balance. Understanding how to support the ECS will help your clients achieve their goals faster and receive better results.

How does this happen? There are more than 400 different chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant. Out of these 400 constituents, there are over 110 phytocannabinoids, which closely mimic molecules in the human body called endocannabinoids. CBD is an example of a phytocannabinoid. The endocannabinoids, along with receptors called endocannabinoid receptors, are part of the ECS.

Endocannabinoid receptors are located all over the body and naturally communicate with the endogenous cannabinoids. It has been found that, when applied both topically and internally, they also communicate with the phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The result? CBD indirectly communicates with receptors in the skin to promote a local benefit. As you know, balance within the actions of the skin can be helpful for a multitude of conditions.

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Incorporating CBD into Treatments

One of the most powerful benefits of CBD is its ability to regulate and relieve feelings of anxiousness, general stress and depression. While not a sleep disorder itself, anxiety can contribute to insufficient sleep and sleep disorders. The Sleep Foundation reports research that nearly 80% of participants who used CBD to treat their anxiety reported lower anxiety levels within a month and sleep initially improved in more than 65% percent.1

There is growing evidence to support the physical and psychological benefits of massage for promoting better quality sleep (See Benefits of CBD in Treatments Sidebar). In addition to massage, CBD can be utilized in almost any treatment including facials, body, nail services, prep for waxing, etc.

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