7 Fitness Trends to Enhance Your Wellness Services in 2023

woman performing yoga stretch
Although at-home workouts are a growing trend, consumers are all still looking for that added motivation that only comes from in-person experiences.

As we move further into the 21st century, more people are becoming interested in improving their health and well-being. In fact, the global wellness market is expected to reach a value of $6.75 trillion by 2030. As a wellness provider, you can capitalize on this growing industry by implementing some of these fitness trends.

1. Fitness Motivations: Self-Care & Mental Health

How are you supposed to know what motivates your clients? By asking them! In a recent study of 2,000 people across various age groups, it was reported that the majority of Generation Z (18- to 24-year-olds) listed mental health as their main reason for working out, with 43% of respondents in that age bracket listing mental health as their No. 1 motivator.2

It’s important to focus on Gen Z in particular because, according to U.S. census data, this population accounts for 68.6% of Americans and is the fastest growing population in the fitness space.3

As you approach programming in the New Year, consider the structure and components of your offerings, and take these growing motivations into account. An example of how you might do that is by adding a personal reflection section into the mix.

2. At-Home Workouts

At-home workouts aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but in-person exercise classes are also coming back. Over the past few years, individuals have invested a lot of money into personal exercise equipment, yet they are all still looking for that added push and motivation that only comes from in-person experiences.

Assess the classes that you already offer and consider building in components that complement those at-home exercisers. For example, add in more active stretching if you know a lot of folks have cycles at home (because nobody likes a tight IT band!).

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Christine Schmidt is the director of marketing and community relations at LoopSpark (www.loopspark.com), where she works to educate health and wellness businesses. Schmidt has been a leader in the boutique fitness industry for more than seven years and recently completed her work from Harvard University in “Leading through Digital Disruption.”

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