Taste: Delicious Detox

Sweet Beet Detox Smoothie
Courtesy of Kimberly Snyder

The idea of kicking off the New Year with a cleanse is a popular one, although it’s often easier said than done. Still, there are plenty of ways to detoxify your body after an indulgent holiday season, and here at Dayspa we always recommend delicious smoothies that are light on prep and big on nutrients!

This month, you can detox and boost energy with a Sweet Beet Smoothie from Kimberly Snyder, nutritionist, coauthor of Radical Beauty and founder of the Beauty Detox series. According to Snyder, beets are great detoxifiers—particularly when you’ve spent winter moving a lot less than usual. “This recipe is packed with not only vitamins and all that cleansing beet goodness, but the rich antioxidants and dietary fiber from the apple; a healthy digestive boost from the ginger; high-nutrient, low-calorie spinach (move over Popeye!); and energy-boosting elements from the dates,” she explains.

Whether you’ve booked back-to-back clients or are simply looking to rejuvenate your system, this refreshing ruby concoction will keep you going all day long. “You’re sure to be in fine form to tackle the rest of your afternoon,” adds Snyder.

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