5 Mental Wellness Treatments from Miraval Arizona

Miraval Arizona Life in Balance Spa
Life in Balance Spa integrates treatment modalities from Tibet, India, Europe, China and other global cultures.
Photo Courtesy of Miraval Arizona

Miraval Arizona’s award-winning Life in Balance Spa offers culturally inspired treatments that aim to restore the body, mind and soul. Set on 400 majestic desert acres in the Santa Catalina Mountains, the Life in Balance Spa is an immersive wellness retreat that integrates modalities from Tibet, India, Europe, China and other global cultures.

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1. Cara Vida Facial

With inspiration from Arizona’s Native peoples’ connection to the mesquite tree of life, this 50-minute skin care treatment uses cold-pressed, organic, vitamin-C-infused chia seeds to exfoliate and revitalize with a local, organic honey mask,

2. Prickly Pear Sugar Scrub

Pure cane-sugar-rich oils, prickly pear and calendula extract exfoliate the entire body while a hydrating body butter application finalizes a full-body glow.

3. Ginger Healer

This 75-minute treatment begins with a ginger-oil-infused deep tissue massage and powerful energy-restoring facial marma point therapy, followed by a ginger sea salt scrub and shower to complete the service.

Miraval ArizonaPhoto Courtesy of Miraval Arizona

4. QI Facial Rejuvenation

This dynamic facial combines acupuncture with gua sha, light cupping and Tui na to reduce puffiness and stimulate collagen and elastin production to address tension lines. Additional distal body points ground and support the movement and flow of Qi.

5. Chi Nei Tsang

The gentle massage is inspired by the ancient Taoist modality to promote proper digestion, abdominal awareness, internal organ rejuvenation and holistic effects for the entire body.

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