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Summer is upon us! This means beach days, lounging at the pool, patio dining and outdoor barbecues. It presents many opportunities to show off summer attire, which often means baring a little more skin. However, increased temperatures and sun exposure also mean that your skin can potentially suffer. Although it may be a priority for many of your clients to achieve a sun-kissed glow, proper skin care in the summer is non-negotiable. All estheticians and skin care professionals can agree that sun protection should be incorporated into everyone’s routine and especially during the summer months.

As your guests’ skin responds to the changing environment, it is important to help them maintain skin health by recommending necessary changes to their daily regimens and products. This is a great opportunity to educate them about the importance of summer skin care, as well as increase sales by expanding treatments and product offerings. Knowing that your clients are likely to be out in the summer sun and will potentially be seeking out specific services to deal with summer skin care woes, you can take steps to set up your spa for success during this time.

Stressed Skin

During summer, there’s an increased risk for skin cancers and melanoma due to more sun exposure, and dryness is often unavoidable. Prolonged UV exposure can cause free radical damage and inflammation, as well, leading to further dehydration and increased signs of aging. The skin will naturally attempt to protect itself from these damaging effects by increasing melanin production, leading to dark spots and uneven pigmentation. The increase in heat and sunshine can also disrupt skin barrier function, resulting in water loss and susceptibility to the elements.

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