Hair Removal Experts Discuss the Key Ingredients in Their Products

hair-removal[Image: Getty Image]Normajean Fusco (owner and President of Equibal Labs), Lindsay Miller (President of Lycon North America), Lydia Sarfati (CEO and founder of Repêchage), Emma Barnard (brand manager of GiGi), Deborah Merhar (founder of Relax & Wax), and Susanna DiSotto (director of marketing of Satin Smooth) reveal the main ingredients in their hair removal products.


“Nufree Finipil is a patented, FDA-registered, over-the- counter lotion designed for use after hair removal services, as well as between visits. Its active ingredient is benzethonium chloride, an antiseptic that protects hair follicles from infection, instantly cools and soothes the skin, and helps prevent ingrown hairs and sebaceous cysts,” says Normajean Fusco.

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“Key ingredients in the Lycon Pinkini Brazilian Hybrid Hot Wax help soothe skin and minimize redness,” says Lindsay Miller. “Argan oil—rich in vitamins A and E—is nourishing, while chamomile—which is known for its calming effects—helps reduce any irritation that can be associated with waxing.”

“The Repêchage Seasmooth Artisan Seaweed Wax is infused with Laminaria digitata and Ascophyllum nodosum seaweeds that deliver vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The blend helps create a creamy formula for precise application, adhesion and smoothness. Additionally, aloe vera and safflower oil soothe skin’s appearance,” says Lydia Sarfati.


“The star ingredient in GiGi Charcoal Detox Hard Wax is bamboo charcoal,” says Emma Bernard. “The detoxifying wax has a dual purpose: It removes fine, stubborn or coarse facial hair, and a second pass will gently exfoliate the skin and pull out impurities.”

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“Relax & Wax Hard Wax’s key ingredient is colophonium rosin. This highly refined resin makes for a non-sticky wax that leaves no residue behind, and is extremely pliable so it won’t break. Clients will experience less irritation and discomfort, and will leave with smooth, soft skin,” says Deborah Merhar.

“The Satin Smooth Golden Quartz Gem Wax includes propolis extract derived from the buds of conifer and poplar trees. Propolis is proven to have antibiotic and antiseptic properties, and may also have antiviral and anti- inflammatory effects—ideal for waxing sensitive areas,” says Susanna DiSotto.

–by Jasmine Coreas

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