Tips and Tricks for Wooing Male Hair Removal Clients

eyebrow-cleanup[Image: Getty Images]“Due to men’s higher testosterone levels, they typically have thicker and coarser hair on their bodies than women. Men also have more nerve endings within their bodies, causing their skin to be more sensitive and prone to breakouts. Berefore, waxes that cater to deep- rooted, stubborn hair and contain skin-soothing mineral and essential oil extracts are key to performing successful hair removal services for men.” – Susanna DiSotto, Director of marketing at Satin Smooth.

“If it’s the first time a male client is in my salon for a cut or color, I always offer a complimentary eyebrow arch or cleanup, and give them 20 percent off their next hair removal service. Also, before and after pictures of chest, shoulder or eyebrow waxes give the client a visual of how much neater they’ll look.” – Elham Jazab, Global educator at Gigi.

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“Back waxing and brow cleanups are the most popular men’s grooming services. No one wants to see a hairy back, so that area has always been a standard offering. In the past several years, men have become more interested in ‘manscaping,’ and no longer think of waxing as exclusively for women. Cleaning up the brows, nose or ears is an easy upsell.” – Deborah Merhar, Founder of Relax and Wax.

“One of the most effective ways to market men’s grooming is by tailoring services and product offerings to them. For example, a separate menu that lists men’s waxing services helps create a welcoming environment for them, and reduces any hesitation they may have when asking specifically about those options.” – Lindsay Miller, President of Lycon USA Precision Waxing.

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“Besides advertising on social media or on a spa menu, other ways to promote men’s grooming include coupons, magazine ads, and direct mail postcards and promotions. Popular buzzwords to use when selling male waxing treatments are Bro-Waxing, Bro-Zillian, Manzillian or Manscaping.” – Wax Coaches of Perron Rigot Cirépil by Perron Rigot.

“The best way to market men’s hair removal is with education: flyers, having information available to customers, and talking about the services you offer while they are getting other treatments. Informing wives or girlfriends that you provide male hair removal is also a smart way to get the word out!” – Normajean Fusco Owner and president of Equibal Labs.

– by Jasmine Coreas

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