The Pillars of Spa Leadership Success with Maritza Rodriguez

Maritza Rodriguez, Global VP Marketing & Communications, Pevonia
Rodriguez believes spa professionals have the important job of being caregivers for guests by fostering trust and connection through every service.
Photo courtesy of Martiza Rodriguez

Martiza Rodriguez, global VP of marketing and communications for Pevonia, has written her own truly unique success story. The industry vet started her career in journalism but quickly developed a love and passion for the beauty industry after meeting skin and wellness legends at trade shows. Rodriguez believes spa professionals have the important job of being caregivers for guests by fostering trust and connection through every service. She sat down with WellSpa 360 to discuss the importance of establishing community, her pillars of spa success and more.

What is your favorite memory of your time working in this industry?

I served as the founding managing editor of an industry publication, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques American Edition. My fondest memory during this time is of my very first trade show. Meeting and interviewing industry legends and top brands was a dream come true.

What do you love about spa and wellness?

Although I left the industry and ventured out to others like publishing, nonprofit and even a recording artist label, my passion for spa brought me back. Professionals in this industry are caregivers. They are committed to helping others with their expertise and guidance, and I truly admire that. They wear so many hats and must give the best of themselves to establish trust, inspire connections, and bring forth improved wellness and a positive impact to every person.

What new wellness trends do you find most exciting?

Creating new ways to connect our industry with social responsibility and a deep-rooted sense of community is incredibly important. I also think that understanding the role the industry can play in improving not only physical and emotional wellness, but also in improving mental health is inspiring.

What’s the first thing you do after a long day at work?

I dedicate the first few hours after work to my husband. I have learned the tough lesson that I must disconnect from everything and everyone but him for that precious time. We silence cell phones, place them away from us and focus on each other. This has formed a critical part of maintaining a loving and joyful relationship.

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What’s your favorite wellness treatment to receive?

It is more of a wellness experience than just one treatment: Pevonia has developed exceptional wellness experiences for spa partners, and when I am able to enjoy one at a spa partner’s resort that includes a hydrotherapy circuit, a Pevonia full body journey and a deep tissue massage, I feel completely reinvigorated and as if 50 pounds (maybe closer to 100) of stress has left my body!

What’s your greatest accomplishment?

My family. I invest constantly in maintaining solid communication and loving relationships with my son, my mother and my siblings. This has also been a life lesson, as I now try to cherish family time and strive to be fully present rather than easily distracted. At the end of my journey, I want my loved ones to remember how much I loved them and how I made them feel.

What advice do you have for someone just getting started in the industry?

I suggest that they focus on three pillars of success for our beloved industry: education, connection and passion. Education means utilizing all the fantastic resources available for expanded knowledge, skillsets and growth. Connection means networking and forming authentic connections with industry leaders, colleagues, and even asking someone with experience to serve as a mentor. And of course, passion is a given, as it is necessary to be truly extraordinary in your role.

What is one thing you can’t leave the house without?

A great book and a yellow highlighter (yes, I’m old school like that). I usually read about three to four books at a time during breaks, while waiting for appointments, etc. I have always loved reading and love to highlight statements that impact me or that I want to retain.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Definitely buttered popcorn! I absolutely love the taste and the crunch. Although I have improved my nutritional habits in the past several years, a week without popcorn is like a cloudy, rainy day (or at least it feels that way!). In my defense, most of my meals and other snacks are healthier, and I try to stay active.

What inspires you?

My faith and life overall inspire me. Having faced multiple life-threatening health issues, I open my eyes each day feeling incredibly grateful. I am happy to be on this earth and enjoy giving the most of myself when it comes to my family, friends and career.

What is on your bucket list?

I want to visit every lighthouse in our beautiful country and learn the history of each one, as I find them incredibly interesting. Also, I want to discover at least 100 countries and experience their local culture (halfway there).

What's on the horizon for Pevonia?

We recently launched an entire superfoods menu inspired by our Chocolate Indulgence treatments, which are highly customizable. We continue seeking new ways to expand on our eco-pledge and our giving back ethos, most recently by supporting Oceana and Wellness for Cancer.

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