Experiencing Ayurvedic Hydrotherapy at Kohler Waters Spa

Woman getting shirodhara treatment

Kohler Waters Spa Lincoln Park has expanded its service menu with three wellness offerings that tap into ancient Ayurvedic practices, including sound therapy and shirodhara. I had the pleasure of visiting the location to learn all about its Still Waters hydrotherapy treatment and Vibrational Sound treatment.

A CBD-infused exfoliant, tuning bowls and sound vibrations are used in the new treatments to activate energy centers and relieve stress. "We've seen the rise of Ayurveda in the wellness industry as guests gravitate toward holistic-style treatments to address both body and mind tension," shares Nikki Miller, director of Kohler Waters Spa. 

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Miller adds that there are more wellness treatments on the way, including limited-time seasonal treatments. Also on the horizon are the Glacier Springs Hydrotherapy Treatment with aromatic ice massage and cold stone eye treatment; and the "Ohm" Organic Facial featuring Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks and a skin plumping facial massage. 

"At Kohler Waters Spa, we are regularly updating our menu of services to cater to and offer our guests results-driven treatments. We have an amazing internal team that works together to build our ever-evolving menu of services, consistently updated to reflect global trends," explains Miller, adding that creditable training for all spa associates takes place every time new treatments are added to the menu.

Still Waters Hydrotherapy Treatment

I started my Kohler visit by entering the Thermal Suite and enjoying the sauna, steam room, cold plunge and hydrotherapy pool. This was the perfect way to start off my spa experience and fully unwind and relax before my treatment.

My esthetician Danielle retrieved me and led me to the treatment room. I didn't think it was possible to get any more relaxed than I already was, but when I laid face down on the massage table, the lavender-scented face towels encompassed me and relaxed me even further.

Danielle went right into practicing some breathwork by taking in three deep breaths while she chimed the sound bowls. The sound therapy was accompanied with vibrational therapy when Danielle placed the sound bowls on my back, filled them with water and continued to gently strike them. The combination of the vibration with the entrancing sound made me feel like my body was melting into the bed. 

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Next was the body treatment, which began with a CBD-infused exfoliant. Danielle applied the scrub to my legs, arms, back, chest and abdomen. The Vichy shower then washed away the scrub—a truly therapeutic experience. The water was the perfect temperature as it massaged the exfoliant off of my skin, and the actual sound of running water added to the tranquil feeling of peace. Danielle somehow managed to keep me perfectly comfortable with the use of warm towels, warm water and a heated bed.

As the water ran along my body, Danielle set up the shirodhara treatment to run warm oil on my third eye. She placed warmed eye compresses on my eyes to block out the light. The combination of the massaging water and warm oil running along my forehead and scalp put me somewhere between being asleep and awake. This was only enhanced when Danielle expertly massaged the oil into my hair while working all tension out of my scalp and neck. 

When this was complete, Danielle further massaged my already soothed muscles by applying a CBD-infused moisturizer that smelled absolutely enchanting. It was hard to get up off of the table after this treatment. I felt completely rejuvenated with silky soft skin. 

Healing Sound Bowls Therapy Treatment

For my next treatment, I started by lying face down on a heated table and enjoying an inhalation ritual. The aromatherapy scent that Danielle used to open this ceremony was absolutely heavenly, the perfect balance of energizing and relaxing to prep me for this treatment. She moved into a gentle scalp massage and introduced my body to the treatment by gently applying pressure to my shoulders and back. 

From here, the sound bowls were brought in; Danielle chimed them in a musically soothing way that put into a trance-like state. She then placed the bowls on my upper back, middle back and between my legs on the treatment bed, allowing me to experience the vibrational therapy. Once again, I felt like I was melting into the table.

After removing the bowls, Danielle performed a gentle massage using a CBD moisturizer. When she got to my back, she performed a hot stone massage that worked out all the tension that was left in my muscles. I could feel the knots slipping away as she expertly guided the hot stones on my back. Danielle ended by placing the hot stones on my feet with gentle pressure. At this point, I had completely lost any concept of time as I drifted in and out of a dreamlike state. 

I flipped over, and Danielle continued the massage as I continued to drift—this massage could never have lasted long enough! She performed vibrational therapy by placing the sound bowls on my chest and abdomen, then moved the bowls to either side of my head to place a hot compress on my eyes.  

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Finally, I was brought back to reality with a gentle mist and scalp massage that concluded the treatment. I was handed some crystal-infused water and yogurt covered almonds, and I floated away from the treatment room. Truly, these Ayurvedic services left me feeling absolutely renewed and rejuvenated, which was much needed after a long week. 

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