The Springs Resort Introduces Dr. Marcus Coplin as Medical Director

Dr. Marcus Coplin, Medical Director, The Springs Resort
Dr. Marcus Coplin, Medical Director, The Springs Resort

The Springs Resort has appointed Dr. Marcus Coplin medical director of The Springs Resort, advising the resort and its guests about the health and wellness benefits of hot springs.

Dr. Coplin is a primary care naturopathic medical doctor, director of hydrothermal medicine for the Balneology Association of North America, and the North American liaison to the International Association of Balneology and Medical Hydrology. He is an expert in balneotherapy, the evidence-based use of therapeutic thermal mineral spring bathing.

The Springs Resort will be offering water-based wellness guides authored by Dr. Coplin that will teach visitors of the benefits of hot springs, which include sleep enhancement, sports recovery and detoxification. “It is incredibly beneficial for the person soaking to understand how the different temperature levels can affect their body, so they can journey through multiple stages of hydrothermal self-guided wellness to receive long-lasting and exceptional results,” said Dr. Coplin.

Because of Dr. Colin's extensive knowledge in chronic pain, fatigue, arthritis, diabetes and inflammation, The Springs Resort will also offer a variety of related packages and programs, including an exclusive four-hour wind-down designed for a peaceful night's rest. 

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Coplin on board to provide insight from his extensive experience and valuable knowledge for evidence-backed soaking guides, allowing our guests to get the most rejuvenation and benefit to their well-being from a visit with us,” said Sharon Holtz, director of resort wellness operations at The Springs Resort. 

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