The Spa Collaborative Launches Success Mapper

The Spa Collaborative has launched a service called The Spa Strategy Success Mapper to help you perfect your business strategy.

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The Spa Collaborative (TSC) has launched a service called The Spa Strategy Success Mapper.

TSC was founded to create and cultivate positive change in the luxury spa by providing services that help spas grow business. The Spa Strategy Success Mapper is a program that includes data analysis, operational and business reviews, budget reviews, success measurements and more for spa businesses.

"This program has been specially developed for hotel spas who need to come out of the pandemic focusing on a strong commercial and financial recovery. Now more than ever, spas are needing an agile strategic plan, that flexes to the inevitable unpredictable changes, but that supports and underpins the financial goals in their annual budget. A budget is meaningless unless it is contextualized and supported by a goal and action-oriented set of objectives that can be tracked, progressed and communicated through teams and leadership," said Lauren Moloney, TSC CEO and founder.

The Spa Strategy Success Mapper features:

  • Welcome Webinar – a session to understand and review business objectives.
  • Opportunity Audit – 1.5 days on site, including mystery guest shop, operational audit, and review and meeting with leadership.
  • 1-day dynamic workshop and discussion to unpack and contextualize recommendations.
  • Budget Insights + Recommendations
  • Executive Business Objective Roadmap
  • Sales Strategy + Activity Planner 
  • Action + Insights Report
  • Implementation Period + Fine Tune Follow Up – a check in on the spa's progress, three weeks after the personalized Strategy Success Mapper has been delivered. 
  • And more.

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