[Living Well from Within] A New GWI Initiative

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The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has introduced its latest initiative: Living Well From Within, which will gather leaders and organizations together to facilitate healing, growth and wellness. 

The formation of this initiative was catalyzed by Dr. Daniel Friedland, author of Leading Well from Within and CEO of SuperSmartHealth, who uses his knowledge around "conscious capitalism" to help leaders and business transform the way they function to generate meaning and prosperity for all. Dr. Friedland is also an expert in the XCHANGE Approach, a leadership coaching model that focuses on unlocking collective wisdom to facilitate exponential results.

“The group of individuals and companies we have gathered have the influence to transform their communities and the world at large,” said Dr. Friedland. “We intend to bring together all stakeholders on a quarterly basis for a series of two-hour online experiential Awakening Conscious Leadership programs, the first of which will happen in June, and will incorporate an annual in-person event when the time is right. We are humbled to serve as an entrusted catalytic energy center for driving transformative change through the wellness industry."

The Living Well From Within Playlist is now on the GWI Initiative’s home page, as is the first-ever Conscious Capitalism Workout, which Dr. Friedland developed as a way to integrate the mission, tenets, economic value and scientific basis of conscious capitalism with an exercise routine designed to catalyze daily growth and wellness.

“This work is incredibly dear to my heart,” said Dr. Friedland. “We want to build a movement of meaningful influence and shine a light on the power that can come from gathering a coalition focused on positivity and healing. I thank my GWI family, including my co-chairs Sallie Fraenkel and Wendy Bosalavage, for their support in helping spearhead our activities.”

Co-chairs Fraenkel and Bosalavage are joined by the following team members:

  • Julie Bach, founder, Wellness for Cancer
  • Jon Berghoff, cofounder and CEO, XCHANGE Approach
  • Dr. Dan Diamond, founder, NogginStorm
  • Heath Dieckert, CEO, Dieckert Group and COO, Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches
  • Heidi Hanna, Chief Energy Officer, Synergy Brain Fitness
  • Alexander McCobin, CEO, Conscious Capitalism
  • Maureen (Mo) McKenna, founder, Return on Energy
  • Corinna Yap, Director of Wellness, Rosewood Hong Kong

On June 10, the Living Well From Within will host its first collaborative workshop, “Awakening Conscious Leadership.” The two-hour experience will be co-facilitated by Berghoff, and will focus on how we can apply and practice transformational learning skills to bring healing and positivity to ever-changing personal and business landscapes. 

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