BioPhotas Expands Product Line

Celluma-SKIN[Image: Courtesy of BioPhotas Inc.]LED device manufacturer BioPhotas has announced a major product line extension to the its Celluma series of light therapy devices, along with a two-year manufacturer warranty on all new product sales.

For 2019, four new versions of Celluma are being added, including options for professionals and consumers interested in aesthetic treatments; professionals and consumers interested in pain management; and anyone who wants to manage acne breakouts.

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The company will also open sales offices in London and launch a new website. “The Celluma series of light therapy devices are the most versatile LED products available worldwide, offering a wide variety of clinical applications in a single product platform,” said BioPhotas president and CEO Patrick Johnson.

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About BioPhotas: BioPhotas develops and markets light therapy devices for healthcare providers and consumers that skin, muscle and joint conditions.

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