Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Announces Partnership With Aromatherapy Associates

waldorf-astoria-spa[Image: Cavalieri Grand Spa, courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Hotels]

Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Resorts is pleased to introduce a new partnership with renowned British brand Aromatherapy Associates, bringing an extraordinary new sensory wellness experience to its lavish Cavalieri Grand Spa Club. A haven for rejuvenation and beauty, the Cavalieri Grand Spa Club now invites guests to experience the signature treatments of Aromatherapy Associates, which utilize the properties of essential oils to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

 Using Aromatherapy Associates’ 30-plus years of expertise, Rome Cavalieri incorporates their range of treatments for both men and women into the spa experience. Harnessing the healing powers of the finest natural ingredients, purest extracts and essential oils, the aromatherapy treatments aim to achieve positive effects on the body, including relaxation, de-stressing, revival, support, inner strength, renewal and nourishment, while facials help to hydrate, mattify, sooth, and refine skin.

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 Guests can experience treatments such as the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience, which begins with a consultation and aroma test to choose the oil most suitable to the individual from a selection of twelve signature oils. During the head-to-toe treatment, the therapist carefully applies pressures to stimulate the nervous system, and utilizes Swedish and neuromuscular techniques to relieve muscular tension, and lymphatic drainage to encourage healthy circulation. The men’s Refinery Power Lift Facial is aimed at targeting fine lines and wrinkles, offering an instant lift while nourishing and hydrating skin with the finest botanical blends and therapeutic essential oils. The treatment uses the latest, non-invasive electrical impulses to aid the absorption of active ingredients and stimulate the skin. Specially designed pregnancy treatments are also available to expecting mothers. Guests can also purchase Aromatherapy Associates oils and products to recreate the spa experience at home.

 In addition to these new treatments, guests can still enjoy the lavish body and facial treatments offered in conjunction with the Cavalieri Grand Spa Club’s longtime leading spa partner La Prairie. From the Ultimate Rejuvenating Platinum Facial to the Caviar Body Treatment, La Prairie’s indulgent treatments are executed with elegant precision.

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“We are thrilled to embark on this new partnership with Aromatherapy Associates, adding a new layer to the spa experience at Rome Cavalieri,” said Alessandro Cabella, Managing Director. “In addition to treatments offered by our valued partner La Prairie, the new aromatherapy experience provides an enhanced level of luxury wellbeing for guests to enjoy and we cannot wait for them to experience the new Cavalieri Grand Spa Club.”

 Additional information and a full list of treatments can be viewed in the Cavalieri Grand Spa Club Brochure. For more information about Rome Cavalieri and to book a stay, please visit

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About Cavalieri Grand Spa Club

In a private Mediterranean park with spectacular views on Rome and the Vatican, the Cavalieri Grand Spa Club with an area of ​​2.600 square yard dedicated to wellness and beauty, four swimming pools and two tennis fields can be considered the most luxurious and fascinating Spa and Fitness in Italy. A wellness center created to rebalance physical, emotional and mental energies. An elegant and functional environment, which guarantees the utmost privacy, a state-of-the-art gym provided with the most innovative Technogym equipment, ten comfortable treatment rooms and much more make the Cavalieri Grand Spa Club a unique and inimitable place.

 About Aromatherapy Associates

Founded in England over 30 years ago by Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey, it proposes a true wellness philosophy based on the assumption that the use of natural extracts can produce benefits on both body and spirit. Everything begins in the 1970s, when they start to collaborate with Marguerite Maury, Austrian biochemist and skincare pioneer, and with Jean Valnet M.D, an essential oil scientist. In the ’80s, Geraldine and Sue founded the Aromatherapy Associates brand, revealing the benefits of aromatherapy, and continuing their studies and research, always focusing on global well-being, for a genuine healthy and natural lifestyle.

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