Lynda Solien Wolfe, LMT, Receives William C. “Bill” Lindsey Award

Lynda-Solien-Wolfe[image: Jack Hebert, award winner Lynda Solien Wolfe, Debbie Brown]Performance Health is delighted to announce that Lynda Solien Wolfe received the William C. “Bill” Lindsey Award at last week’s The National by FCA 2017 during the ChiroPAC reception. The award recognizes a chiropractic layperson for their heroic service to Americans and their commitment to educating the public on the benefits of chiropractic care. Lynda is the Vice President, Massage & Spa for Performance Health and has worked closely with the FCA for over 20 years.

“I know of very few people without DC after their name that have as much passion as Lynda does for this profession. Above and beyond all that her impressive biography contains, the reason she was selected for this rare reward is because she is an ambassador for chiropractic wherever she goes, and she goes everywhere,” stated Debbie Brown, FCA Chief Executive Officer. Per the association’s Government Relations Director, Jack Hebert, “Lynda ceaselessly does all that she can to help everyone she encounters experience conservative healthcare thru chiropractic and massage. Thank you, Lynda.”

“I am so honored and grateful to be recognized by the FCA,” added Lynda Solien Wolfe, “As I said in my acceptance speech, I was flabbergasted. I have so much respect for the entire FCA organization and what they do to raise the bar for chiropractic and conservative care, not only in the state of Florida but throughout the entire country. Thank you!”

“Lynda has always recognized the natural alignment and partnership between the massage and chiropractic professions, and has worked to build bridges and promote both professions for the past two decades,” added Marshall Dahneke, Chief Commercial Officer, Performance Health. “Her outgoing personality and positive outlook make her a very authentic ambassador. I could not be more proud of Lynda!”

About Florida Chiropractic Association :The primary function of the Florida Chiropractic Association is for the protection and welfare of its individual members, regardless of philosophy, as well as education of the public concerning the chiropractic profession. The Florida Chiropractic Association advocates the position that chiropractic is a distinct and separate healing arts science. The National by FCA 2018 will be held August 16-19. #TheNationalFCA or visit for more information.

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