Tu’el Launches Complete Community Program

tuel[Image: Courtesy of Tu’el]

The inaugural event is debuting during IECSC in Las Vegas this June.

At Tu’el, success is based on sharing knowledge and gathering together as a community.  Cofounders Lisa and Lori Nestore have announced the launch of The Tu’el Complete Community, intended to be somewhere professionals come together to learn and share best practices. The Nestores want the company to be more than a brand manufacturer, as they believe that those in the ever-changing beauty industry must support each other in order to be successful.

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The company plans to foster a community where estheticians and salon/spa owners can learn about ingredients, effective techniques, education opportunities and popular protocols—and ultimately grow. The Tu’el Complete Community will be presented as a source for ingredients, product knowledge, best practices and brand insight. During IECSC, Lisa and Lori Nestore invite professionals to join the community (membership fee required) with special happenings at the Tu’el booth and invitation-only events.

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