Benny Vaughn Receives Florida Chiropractor’s Association’s LMT of the Year Award

[Mike Roberts, President, FCA and Benny Vaughn, 2016 award winner]

The award was created in 1997 to honor massage therapists who perform outstanding service to the massage and chiropractic professions.

Benny Vaughn, L.M.T., B.C.T.M.B., A.T.C., L.A.T., C.S.C.S., a graduate of the University of Florida, College of Health and Human Performance, began his career in massage therapy in Gainesville, Florida after graduating from the American Institute of Massage Therapy, now known as the Florida School of Massage. Mr. Vaughn has been a clinical orthopedic massage therapist for 40 years and still sees an average of 35 cases a week at his athletic therapy center in Fort Worth, Texas. He is also a certified athletic trainer with 30 years of experience in the treatment, prevention and care of athletic injuries.

“I am delighted to extend my congratulations to Benny, a long-time Performance Health Educator and friend,” stated Lynda Solien-Wolfe, Performance Health Vice President, Massage & Spa. “Benny has been a trail blazer for the massage profession, especially in the athletic arena. Being FCA’s twentieth year of recognizing a massage therapist makes this recognition even more special, and thus even more fitting that it was presented to Benny.”

Upon receiving the award, Mr. Vaughn said, “I have seen the great results from chiropractic and massage therapy collaboration. In my many years of working with the USA Olympic track and field team—chiropractic and massage therapy are the most requested service from US athletes—I have worked side by side with chiropractors to make a difference in US Olympic athlete performance and care. It has been awesome!”

“Chiropractic and massage services combine beautifully to effectively treat the injuries of athletes at every level and to improve performance,” added Mike Roberts, D.C., President, FCA. “Benny embodies and promotes the collaborative spirit that brings professionals together and puts the patient first, providing the very best in integrative care.”

The award was presented at the FCA National Convention & Expo held in Orlando, Florida.

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