Spa News: Comphy Co. Sponsors Global Wellness Summit and Industry Research

Comphy Co., a leading provider of luxury linens for the spa industry, is set to sponsor the ninth annual Global Wellness Summit in Mexico City.

Image: Comphy Co.Image: Comphy Co.

Image: Comphy Co.

Comphy Co., a top provider of luxury linens for the spa industry, recently announced its sponsorship of the 2015 Global Wellness Summit (GWS), an invitation-only annual event that attracts international leaders and visionaries. The ninth annual conference takes place at the St. Regis Mexico City from November 13-15. The agenda will focus on the theme of “Building a Well World.”

“Sponsorship is the lifeblood of the GWS. As a leading provider of luxury linens to the spa industry, we are thrilled to have Comphy on board as a new sponsor,” said Michelle Gamble, GWS’s VP of Global Business Development. “The Mexico City Summit is an especially auspicious event for the company to support, as Comphy won Spa Professional Mexico’s award for ‘Best Spa Linens’ in 2014.”

Comphy luxury linens were designed to withstand the rigors of spa operations while providing a soft, lush feel. An ideal green linen solution, spa businesses value Comphy’s fabric for its durability and light weight, which allows for shorter drying cycles. Comphy fabrics are also wrinkle-free, so they do not require ironing, thus further reducing their environmental load. In a recent study by the Green Spa Network, high performance microfiber was the only material to satisfy all six Sustainable Linens Purchasing Considerations: Fast-drying, durable, anti-bacterial, stain-resistant, absorbent and soft.

Comphy’s CEO Mia Richardson, and her daughter Jessica Carrington-Lopez, Comphy’s Director of Sales, will be attending the GWS. According to Susie Ellis, Chairman and CEO of the organization, this year’s Summit has received unprecedented support from industry leaders around the world and a record number of 500+ delegates are expected.
“Comphy is thrilled to be supporting the first-ever Global Wellness Summit in Latin America and the commissioned industry research they will release there,” said Richardson. “To collaborate with an organization that is promoting a healthier world is an honor.”

One of the objectives of the GWS is to initiate, gather, and trumpet quality industry research. This year’s research topic is workplace wellness, and the goal is new data and insights that will help employers do a better job of creating a healthier, less stressed and happier workforce.

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